Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lyon II 9

ok, questions:  Do I want to go to paris after?  Yes!

Next, amis, they are doing well.  Elisabeth is working well towards her baptism date.  Fabien is still great.  Things are going well with them.  We found a couple new amis this week.  Cora who is a total Hippy, but she  is really open to everything.  She came to church, and she is reading the book. she just might have the problem where "everything is true"  then there is Hocine who is from algeria I think.  He comes from a muslim background, but he is a convert christian.  He is super golden, and will be baptised soon, so that is cool, he is really one of the most real people I've met, and it was him to contacted us in the road, really a cool miracle.

Yes I got the package, I think the salso is the favorite thing, or the jerky, I also really liked the shirt and the pants and the taco spices... so all of it was the best =)
Yes I just looked at my debit card, and it goes bad at the end of this month, so that would be nice to get the new one.

Monday:  We saw the ruins and a cool cathedral, I'll try and send pics... maybe next week, I don't have much time today... sorry then we had dinner at the Cara family.  It was good, pork in this olive red sauce with potatoes.  good evening, even because they invited a less active, so yeah, it was a good evening.

Tuesday:  Made some cookies for members, saw a less active, carolina, talked to a bunch of people, and went to Ambérieu and ported.

Wednesday:  saw Cora for the first time.  She is a docter... well in tibeten medicin, meaning acupunctuer, putting roots and stuff on the side of the road in a pot and rubbing it on your skin to see if it does anything kind of doctor.  ha ha, I'm only teasing, but she really is... interesting.  Then we taught Jonah, our little boy ami who should just be baptised, but he is being stubborn, so we are being pation for the moment.  Then we had a meeting with a member, and after a meeting with the stake president and the stake youth council.  It was fun, the stake president is really cool.  Here is a video about him:

Thursday:  Had district meeting given by Elder Gandolf, it was really good.  Did some street boarding, and then went to bourg en bresse.  The office elders normally worked in that city, but since they are no longer in our ward, we went to go explore it.  It is actually a decent sized ville.  I would say about the same size as aviginon.  You could easily put an equipe dedicated there.  We'll see if that happens.

Friday:  Weekly planning had a raté-vous then another raté-vous and then a miracle family home evening with our recent convert, haevan, and his family and another member family, and the less active sister joined in, and they invited a friend!  we got to answer lots of her questions, she had some really good ones.  We are hoping to fix something for the future.  ti was really neat, we hadn't planned on the sister or the friend being there.

Saturday:  I went on exchange with Elder Yang.  We taught a bunch of CHinese people... it was fun.  Elder yang taught me all of chinese grammar in two minutes.  It is incredibly easy, no conjugation, only a past and a present tense, it is just the tonation that makes it difficult.. and the writing.

Sunday:  Good sunday, we had six people we are teaching at church!  Some we rarely see, but they just showed up, and there was a bunch of less actives... normally there is about 75-80 people, but last sunday we were, almost 100, realy a blessing!

Today it is beautiful.  it has rained just about every day since I have been with Elder Gruber.  We are going to take advantage of the weather and throw a frisbee with the elephants in that park. 

I love you so much.  The gospel is soo true.  I am glad you all got home safely and that things are going well.  stay close to Him and you will never go astray.  Ok, got to go, love y ou so much bye!

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