Monday, July 1, 2013

Angouleme 1a

Hello family.  
We are the only missionaries in Avignon
The trainride was good.  Pretty long, but fine, I'll talk about it in the day to day
The apartment is not big, but big enough.  it was pretty gross when we got here, but we have cleaned it up and now it is so much better;
Yes Elder Cooper is going and did go to BYU
I think I'll do a pday in Bordeaux because I need to do an exchange with the elders there, so I might go monday and then come back tuesday.
Oh yeah it is my bday pretty soon... that is odd.I'll think about what I want and get back to you =)
I'll try and send pics...
No I didn't ask president if I could train again, it just happened that way.
Monday:  I was in lyon, packing and at the gare.  Then I contacted some people
Tuesday:  Went around with Elder Gruber and Heck, we saw carolina, and Fabien.  I also contacted lots of people.  Then for dinner the Zone leaders took us to mcdonalds and We spent the night in the Hotel.  I roomed with Elder Asay who is in Perigeux, the closest city to us with missionaries in it.  The hotel was small but really nice and clean.  The best part is the shower for sure.  IT has a normal shower head, and an overhead thing.  It is really nice. I took a shower that night and the next morning.
Wednesday:  Went to the office, had breakfast there, and studied until the Bulues came.  I got assigned to Elder Cooper, and we had our little intro program thing.  It is still pretty much the same as it was before.  We ran litterally to make our train to toulouse.  We barely had enough room for all of our bags and us.  Five hours to Toulouse.  Wow, that is a cool looking city.  Just going to the metro, I thought that we were on space mountain.  And everyhing is flat!  You can see for miles.  the Elders apartment is big, but old and breaking.  They snuck us into the back because they didn't want their renter to see ten missionaries squating in their apartment.  The Renter had come to fix something, and ended up eating dinner with the other missionaries.  We stayed in back in the bed room and stayed quiet...  I felt like an illegal immigrant.   We got away with it though.  i spent the night on an awful matress on the floor freezing with only a scarf to cover me... haha good memory.

Thursday:  Start the second leg of the journey.  Train to bordeaux, pretty uneventful except an old grandma tried to take my seat, but I wouldn't have it.  Three hours to BOrdeaux where we arrived ten minutes after our next train was supposed to leave, it was still there miraculosly, and we had to book it over there.  We made it for the hour trip to Angoul√™me. A convert Sebastian greeted us and showed us to the apartment, and around to ville to get our bus cards and things like that.  Then We went to work in the list of amis and less actives only to find out that sebastien and a less active fr Petit, have been basically the only peploe that the missionaries had been seeing regularly for the past six months.  We did a little cleaning and contacting at the end of the day.
Friday:  Studies, cool miracle.  We had set a rdv for saturday with someone we called, that morning we had a rdv with our ward misison leader, which got canceled, so talking to people coming home, we met the guy we had called the day before.  he said he couldn't do the rdv tomorrow, but he had some time now if we did.  Of course we did, so we taught him, and he is really cool.  His name is Bruno, and we should be seeing him again soon this week.
Then we taught sebastian and had dinner with him.
Saturday:  Studies, got the apartment clean because the Jeffry's came to inspect our apt.  They took us out to lunch at a nice family diner.  We sat next to two other families, we gave a book of mormon to one and a family proclomation to the other.  I had chicken breast and green beans.  Then We saw Fr. Petit.  he talks a lot... then We taught an english class that we only knew about because someone told us earlier that day that they were coming.  That was fun.  Three younger kids... well about my age.  They were fun and already speak great english.
Sunday:  first sunday!  The Branch is ... old.  They are super nice, but there is one family that has kids, and the rest are 65 years old and up.  There were 33 at church.  Not bad.  A member gave us a ride home because we live a good mile away from the church.  We listened to the Transmision of the Mission pressident thing.  If you know about it go see it if you haven't yhet, it is great.
Then we did contacting.  Found someone who was interested and fixed a rdv five minutes before we had to be home. 
This week was fun.  Kinda long.  This week will hopefully be better.  Love you with all my heart.  The gospel is true.  When do I have to register for classes, sorry if you have already told me, but I forgot.  Bye at the next week!