Hello family.  Like the title suggests, I only have five minutes of writing time.  I am also broke on my mission card from that taxi drive, and I don't want to use my personal money because you need to buy a certain number of hours, and I won't be coming back here. 
That is right I am leaving, but let's answer the questions, and then I'll tell you where I am going (will I make it?)

Hocine is awesome, currently in Germany, but he'll be baptized in a couple weeks
I am still thin

The missionaries who were closer to Bordeaux took the train

I went to St Etienne this week for legality;  I am finally legal again in France.  I didn't have time to see Taylor Swift or anyone else though.

I might have contacted a zombie, there are some scary people here in France.

So where am I going?  I am moving to Angouleme.  That is in the west right above Bordeaux.  So that will be really cool.  I will take the train this time.. about 8 hours.  I am also training, so My blue gets in on Wednesday.  So I am hanging out here until then.  I am no longer ZL, I am just a lowly district leader, but apparently that is normal for ZLs to go to training when they don't have too much time left

The new assistant is Elder Emal, he was with me in the MTC  a great missionary.

Well I love you very much.  Lots of rate vous 23 lessons planned last week, and 15 of them fell through.  Oh well;  It happens sometimes.  I am goint to send this off.  Sorry I'll promise, we'll do better emails in angouleme.  I am excited.

 The gospel is true keep the faith!