Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lyon II 6

So I do not have lots of time, so here we go,

Yes there are still Chinese elders.  Elder Gandolf's comp is elder Yang, he grew up in Las Vegas, but he has Chinese parents, and speaks fluently, though he doesn't know how to read it. He is a good guy, I don't really know him well.  Elder Uluave told us he needs a little bit of a push to get out of the apartment, but yeah, he also said he is a good guy and a great teacher.

For lunch we have a variety of things.  We made tacos the last time, oh real quick before I forget, here are some requests for the pack; actually it is just add taco seasoning into the mix, that stuff makes everything better.

The amis are doing well.  We have lots of potential here, but not many actual amis for the moment.

Yah Braiden and I got along, we didn't really do much together though. I am not sure why, we just would talk every now and again, and watch this one tv show I got him into.

Yeah, I miss the cows and working at the farm... not enough to become a farmer.

So the thing I was going to tell you about travis, is that he has a friend, well it is a common friend, but I don't know the actual guy super well.  Anyway, this friend's family has a house in provo that apparently they are willing to rent to us.  I don't have much more information than that, but I told him I was interested if it is actually happening.  I know what you are thinking mother, but don't worry so much, Travis has really changed a lot on his mission.  That is the greatest thing about the gospel is that none of us has to stay the same person that we are today, we are always changing, and hopefully always improving.  From what Travis has sent me, he is really converted to the gospel and has calmed down a lot.  Not saying that he wasn't converted before, or anything, but he really has improved.  So have I by the way.  I am much more self motivated now.  I am really eager to learn and get good grades to do that older person stuff like having a job and getting married and all that. SO yeah, nothing is in stone, but that is what I am thinking about as far as housing for BYU.  I think I have already told you about my goals of being ... I don't like the word independent, but at least taking care of myself (ie paying for my own things, and all that) by two years after the mission.  I'd like to try and do that sooner if possible.  anyway these are just goals to work towards.

So yeah, Elder Gruber is a good man, I think we are going to have a good transfer together.  I didn't know him in high school at all, but I already really like him. I bought a new bag.  A 20 euro thing ad fnac which is like best buy of France, it is really not bad for an cheapl thing.  Lots better than some other bags I was looking at for 120 euros.

Well that is my time.  This week will be a little particular because we are taking care of the new missionaries a couple days.  I'll tell you about it next week.

It was really great to see you!  That hour just flew by, I feel like we really didn't talk about much, but when I get back we'll have lots of good conversations I am sure.  Sorry if I seemed a little inpatient or anything.  I didn't mean to come off that way if I did.  I love you more than anything, be good and do good.  Get the Cherninko family baptized, as well as Dave and Darla and Carol and Carl, so many potential amis for the missionaries there!  though they probably live in a whole different mission than we do.  Sharing the gospel gives us so much joy, it is crazy, and it can't be legal, but it is.

Have a wonderful week, and happy mothers day  love you!

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