Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lyon II 7

Ok, hello family friends, "amis potentielles" *clignement* how are you doing?  I am fine, *Brian is in the kitchen and all is well

Ok, questions:  

The weight is coming off.  Elder Gruber is really really buff, he gets up a six to do an hour of workouts... I have not done that yet, but I am thinking about it.  I am thinning out for a french suit.  I found a store called Misty Griff that sells stuff real cheap, it is apparently the khols of France, or so that was how it was described to me.  Anyway I am excited to check it out.

I have not done running yet, I will this week, I have been doing pull ups and weights and stuff.  Elder Gruber is just an inch or two shorter than me.  The new branches are going to happen, this week we were super chargés, but we'll get back working with that.  For Pday last week?  well, I'll give you the weekly rundown tout à l'heure.

thank you for the pictures, they stayed small for some reason, but it was still fun.

Well, this transfer will be really intense with lots of stuff to do, some cool surprises, that I am only going to reveal to you as they happen.  it looks like I'll get to do a little traveling again this transfer.

Lundi:  I was at the gare all day pretty much.  Elder Frandsen left at 9h00 du matin, du coup, I was at the gare from 8h40 to 3h00 in the afternoon.  Then we got a little brake where I could eat and ... what did I do?  I got a new bag, the other one was old and smelly and falling apart.  I like the new bag, you'll see it soon enough, yes it is a shoulder strap bag.  Then I was at the gare again from 5h30 until 7h00 and we took one of the trainers with us (elder Uluave from the MTC).  Normally he should have come in Wednesday to pick up his blue, but for some reason, they scheduled him for a train on Monday, so he hung with us for the week.

Mardi:  studies, emails, lunch, saw Fabien, then Carolina, a less active from Venezuela or somewhere, Elder Uluave got us a rdv, because he taught her when he was here a year ago.  then we talked to another woman who he taught, who has become a new ami again.  Then we ate with Mario a member who had invited a less active, what a great guy!

Mercredi:  Saw Sr. Gabriel and taught her nice who is a cool social worker from Toronto Canada, we gave her a Book of Mormon, hopefully that will lead to something , some cool miracle. then we did some planning because we were assigned to take care of a group of new missionaries to keep them occupied and showing them missionary life etc.  Then we saw Jonah, an ami, and then we spent the rest of the night taking care of the trainers coming in to receive their blues the next morning, We picked them up at the gare and dropped off their luggage at the hotel, and got them dinner at the finest restaurant in town.. McDonald's!  It was a lot of fun.  Then there were some missionaries who didn't have a hotel room, so we stayed with them and worked it out... then yeah, other complications will luggage, we ended up getting home around 11h40... 6h30 came early that next morning ha ha.

Jeudi:  Spent the day with the new missionaries, we set up a mock mtc thing in the institute building, where we had five or six different members posing as investiators, and they taught them.  They they did some mother daughter, father son contacting, and we ended it with a street boarding choir... there were 28 new missionaries the mutiation, alors, 56 missionaries total in Lyon... in addition to the 16 that were already assigned to Lyon, and we got a few members to join us, it was quite the sight.  So many of the Elders and Sisters were 18 and 19...  Or so they said, I don't know, but it looks like they are sending some children on a mission these days.  They are soooo young.  It is interesting

Vendredi:  Weekly planning, taught a less active, then took the blues again after the meeting with president and ran around Lyon with them.  There were only a few this time, because most had already left on their trains.
Samedi:  Saw Elisabeth again and this girl Michelle, then Kate a less active, helped a member lift a 30000 pound wardrobe up four flights of stairs and thin saw Marie France and Haeven who are doing well.  good busy day.

Dimanche:  Fun day at church, had a meeting ofter, eat lunch, Then we did some contacting and stuff

Good week, lots of success, Elder Gruber is a great collegue, we get along well.  He and elder gandolf talk a lot about baseball.  He is really motivated as well.

Well;I  thing that is about all the time I have. I love you all.  Have a great week, and we'll see you again soon. . . Hopefully on Monday next time.

Oh yeah, this Monday  We did our shopping, and lunch, and then we went to that big park with animals in it, saw exotic plants, ostriges and gazells, and then played football... american football.  It was a blast, because again we had a bunch of people with us because today is blues conference for the 2nd transfer elders.    We lost track of time a bit, and so we just had to start working.  They also stayed in out apartment that night. 

*Brian is in the kitchen is a common phrase French people use to learn English, like See spot run and things like that.

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