Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lyon II 10

Ok, hello everyone, how are you?  I am good.  it was beautiful and warm this week. 

Last P'day... well I'll give you that in the day to day

The amis are doing well. We fixed a baptismal date with Hocine for the 6th July , for the most part of this week literally most all of our amis were gone on business trips and other things.

I am slimming down still.  Elder Gruber is really good at helping me.  He is really into getting yolked as he says (ie getting buff) so we are working on that.

Once you are a ZL, you are generally ZL for a long time, but not until death.  for example Elder Uluave went from being ZL to training (no longer ZL)  he was zl for a full year though.  So no generally missionaries are made zone leader later in their mission, so they do finish often as zl, but not necessarily.  I personally.  I love being ZL, but my favorite thing was training.  I really want to go to some small town out west and train a new missionary.  Bergerac would be my preference, just because it is the smallest ville in the mission;  I think.  Elder Gruber served in Bergerac, Breve, and Gap which are three of the smallest villes in the mission.  Then Vallence, which isn't huge, then Geneva and Lyon, so he is working up.

Monday:  we played Frisbee with the elephants, and looked at the zoo, fun stuff Then we had FHE with some members and recent converts.

Tuesday:  Had a raté-vous with an ami, then saw Carolina then Hocine where we fixed the baptism date, he is really the next stake president, he just needs to be married;

Wednesday:  Saw Michael Jackson, wow it's been a while.  He was in Germany for two weeks on business.  he has a job searching and selling car parts, and other transportation... we think it is mostly legal, but he is no longer flat broke, he has hope as well, it is good to see him being blessed.  After we had lots of raté-vous, and then contacted a drunk Portuguese man

Thursday: had a raté-vous so we contacted, then did more contacting

Friday:  Planning contacting raté-vous, more contacting raté-vous ,more contacting

Saturday:  had a lesson with a less active, set up her television for her, then contacted basically the rest of the day.

Sunday:  Stake conference , really super powerful.  then we went to go see Julie who got baptized just after I left Lyon a year ago, and she ratéd us, so that was a bummer.  Then we made some calls.

So the week didn't end with too much of a bang, well a kid of about 5 years did throw a bunch of toy cars at us, and a big foot tall transformer... from the sixth story window.  he didn't hit anyone thankfully.   

I love you all very much.  This week is one of those weeks where we'll be traveling a lot.. OK I'll tell you?. Tomorrow is zone conference with Elder Richards, and then on Thursday we get to go to Bordeaux for a leadership training with Elder Richards.  It should be really fun.  We get to take the plane as well.  I'll tell you all about it next week.

The gospel is true, stay true to the faith, do personal and family prayers.  Remember the joy in life is found helping others.  If you find yourself unhappy, go and do something nice for someone else, and I promise you'll feel better than you have in a very long time.  All my love.  Elder Crossman!

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