Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lyon II 8

Good day everyone, boy am I tired, let's get to the questions:

Starting with one of my questions, is firefly back on television?  That is the all time best series ever!
Next, the amis are doing well.  We fixed a baptism date with Elisabeth for the 16th of June, She is a super miracle, just one of these people who the Lord had already prepared, and just needed us to push her into the water haha.  But really She is super ready.  I'll tell you about the travel places that I will go to as I go there, not Corsica, but There are a few places that I'll go where I have never been before.

No I have not received the package.

I think it is interesting you mentioned that how your success book is like the gospel with a different vocabulary, President Roney mentioned to us during a leadership council that one of the best ways to make money is to write a book about gospel truths and disguise it as business principles. ha ah.  

Hey thank you for the line of authority and my call letter I got those and I appreciate them.  

Ok here is the day to day

Tuesday/  After emails, we had a cool miracle.  We felt we needed to pass a less active couple, Sanchez couple, They usually are working nights, so I thought they wouldn't be there, but we went, and they were there and we were able to teach them because it just happened to be the husband's birthday and they took the night off.  They were touched by the spirit, and it was a really magical moment.

Wednesday:  Had zone leader council which again was amazing, lots about goal setting in and things like that etc  President Roney taught the whole gospel in about two hours, and it was nothing new, but just jammed packed with the spirit.  Then we did likes of contacting

Thursday:  planned for our zone training (that is the thing the zone leaders present)  then we taught Elisabeth and then had this meeting about the young adults in the stake
Friday:  zone training.  God really helped us out with this one, because I wasn't feeling very prepared, then I went on exchange with the clermont ferrand elders.  We taught Fabien, who brought a friend to institute, and now we are teaching him.  Then some pass backs.

Sat:  Helped with the mother's day activity at the ward in the morning (it's mother's day in France) then taught Carolina another less active who has so much potential and is ready to repent.  Then we ... did contacting
Sunday:  church, lots of people there today then we had our Sunday lunch as an apartment, did our weekly planning because we  hadn't done it yet, and went to a member's house for another church meeting, but we had quiche afterwards, so it was well worth it.  Today we are going to visit the roman ruins and cathedral that I visited when i was in Lyon the last time. I'll make sure to take pictures.

So I am sorry the email is kinda short, but I am out of time;  I love you so much, and thank you for all you do.  I am glad to hear you enjoyed your time in Hawaii.  Elder Gruber says that you have been there forever ha ha.  It sounds fun, but I am having lots of fun over here as well. 

 Soyez sage and do good.  Watch some mormon messages, they are super good, like this one 

do what is right let the consequences follow.  Love you lots and we'll talk to you next week.  Btw, Travis is going home a transfer earlier than me. I am not sure why that is happening, but he said he'll be home at the beginning of October.  Maybe he wants to do something for school.  IDk, and as well. I don't want to go to school winter spring summer fall... that is a lot of school.  I'll make sure I study well so that I only have to take my classes one time.  I know that I will be a much more diligent worker when I get home.  

I love your faces, have a good night:day ; morning.  Bye!

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