Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lyon II 5

Hello everyone.  So I am doing this in a reply because I do not like the new google email thing.  It is when you go to compose a new email, it pops up in the corner like a chat box on facebook (parents, jj can explain to you what that is ha ha).  Anyway, it is really ... I don't know, Elder Frandsen says 'junky' and that seems to be a good word for it.  so let us get to the questions shall we?
Yes Travis wrote me a letter last week.  He also sent me a cool russian orthodox church prayer card.  I wrote him back to discover that I had no stamps, so I'll get some today and send that out to him.  We sometimes write emails to each other, but they are short because almost all my time goes into this one.

Yes I got the cards you sent.  Merci beaucoup, c'est gentil de votre part!

The health is doing great.  I am at 100% again, E frandsen is at 90% he still coughs a little, and is kinda tired, but the pneumonia is all gone.

The amis are going well.  Fabien was baptized yesterday, it was a beautiful service.  I'll try to send pictures.  You know, there were two baptisms here the week before, then Fabien yesterday, and next week there should be two more baptisms... actually three. Not all of them are our amis of course, but they are all the Lyon equipes.  The members are getting really excited about all these baptisms.  During weekly planning E F and I talked a lot about getting new amis and the growth of the church here. We decided in the next few transfers, we are going to try to get a new branch in Bourg en Bresse, and another in Ambérieu en Bougey.  Pretty big goals, and We realize it probably won't happen until both of us are gone, but it is going to happen. 
Now I have to use the stupid compose thing... you can make it your own window, which gets it out of the bottom right corner... that is better, but I still feel like I am writing on the notepad program that comes on computers for free... it just is... junky.
Anyway, there are going to be new branches here. In Bourg there was a branch, but it got dissolved a few years ago.  We (all the elders here) are going to try and bring it back.  As well as starting a new one in Ambérieu.  Yeah, we are setting some pretty high expectations, but with god anything is possible right?

Yes the Corsica elders fly to Lyon, but they do that more than a couple times a year.  eight time a year to be exact.  And that doesn't include for when the assistants go there to do exchanges.  So lowest would be 16 round trip flights a year.

We get transferred on Mondays.  We will be getting called this friday, so by the time I talk to you, I should know what will be happening for our equipe the next transfer.  That is crazy the transfer is already on its last week.  I feel as though the last three transfers have just shot by... and I only have four of them left!  This isn't good.  I have got branches to start, I cant go home!  ... beh Qui saura sera right? exactly.

The interviews are generally pretty similar.  You can ask the president questions for advice etc.  he wants to know how you are doing and what he can do to help you.  How your college is doing.  As a zone leader he asks questions about the zone, but mostly it is about the person being interviewed.  They are usually pretty short.  I have not had any grave problems on my mission, so yeah..  They are longer than president Murdock's par contre.  With him it was "hi how are you elder crossman?" "good", "how is your colleague?" "good", Is there anything I can do for you or any questions?" "not really" "ok you are a great missionary, would you close this interview with a prayer please?"  

If I were going to a member's place... out of the choices you gave me, I would say mexican, but that is because it doesn't exist here.  Chinese would trump pizza.  I have had enough pizza on mission that i don't need members giving me any.  At least for us in France, we don't get a lot of time/money to eat fresh things like chicken breast, or salad.  So yeah, there is my input. But mangez-vous, or in english, eating with the members are great no matter what they serve.

So this week was kinda same ol same ol with the amis, no new ones this week, but we ae going to b able to work at 100% this week, so we'll find some... lots!  The highlight was the baptism for sure.  I made a tiramissou for it.  It was flippin good if I do say so myself.  I'll make it for you when I get back.. if we can find speculose cookies and mascarpa cream.  I have never heard of that in the US, of course I never shopped a ton in the US.

Well I love you lots.  Travis seems to be doing really well.  We don't really talk about numbers or anything, but he does not seem to have had loads of success, but I can tell he is and has changed a lot.  He has a really strong testimony and such

I am doing well. I am happy.  Last package you say?  Last? ok, well I have enough toothpaste. I stocked up on Swiss toothpaste, it is a lot like American, so i don't have to use the french toothpaste.  I would like my line of authority, call letter, and an oil vile like I asked for the last time or time before that.  Then beef jerky... and beef jerky, salsa would be nice again as well.  I think I have had enough chewing um for my mission (I think I'll need to run to the dentist when I get back as well, no pain, but my crown thing has chipped a bit, so I am trying to take good care of it so it doesn't become a cavity.)  I will not go to a french dentist.  ant then what else could I use?... did I say beef jerky?  I could use some more pens as well. Those pilot liquid ones are good, but they run out fast, and everyone thinks that the crossmanpost pens are super cool, so I have given most of them away.  I ran out of journals, but I already bought a new one... I think I told you that.  

Well I love you lots, I can't say that enough.  We are going to play softball at the mission president's house.  That should be really fun.  I'll take pictures and tell you all about it during our chat.  Do you realize that the next time we see each other after Sunday will be in person?!?!?!?!  I miss you guys a lot.  I am excited for what the future holds, to see you again, to start my ... chemin in the world, but I honestly could be a missionary for the rest of my life..; or another couple years, this is really the good life.  To not worry about anything other than how you can help others.  You just feel good all the time.. false, you actually feel really bad a lot too, but having the spirit with you this consistently strong is something that i know I am going to miss, so it is my goal to keep it with me for as long as I can, my whole life if that is possible... though i don't think it is honestly.. not the same kind of spirit anyway.  I just have to profit the most of my mission time, and then profit the most of the rest of my time.  All summing this up, God is great, put him first, and life is great, even if by the "world's standards" you don't have a great life, it can be fulfilling and wonderful.  

Pop quiz, what is the greatest phrase ever stated in all the history of the world?
think about it.  Love you bye buy by bi

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