I hate these computers... I finished the email, and guess what? I got erased again.  Now I only have... three minutes of email time.. grr.
I am sorry.

  This week was a lot better with a bunch of cool rdvs.  Some guy offered us hard drugs.  I have been given a koran, a meditation book, some Swami religeon sect thing, and an atheist book all in the past few weeks... interesting.

    I hope you all had a great week.  I love you all.  I am sorry this email is really lame, I am trying very hard to not throw this computer out of the window.

Still hot, no blog for elder call, travis no longer sick, no
missionaries in corsica(we are not allowed to proselite there), I am sweating my face off, we recorde pretty much everything we do, bellcour is a square in Lyon.

The mission is awesome, love you all, see you with a better email next week.  Bye!
I"ll try to write you a physical letter today!