Monday, September 10, 2012

Avignon 10

Hey, let me try out this word thing.  I am writing in Microsoft word instead of the lame internet thing. Yes you can save your email as a draft, but it doesn’t auto save, and I have gotten used to the email saving every minute or so.

Really the only place to go for air-conditioning is the buses.
Yes they do have diet soda here (diet coke is called Coca light here, and it really tastes awful, much different then back home).  I have not had any soda last week, and we didn’t buy anymore this week, so I think I am just stopping cold turkey.
Did you mean credit cards?  We only get one card with money on it (besides personal ones of course).  If you have a car though, you get a second card to buy gas and stuff for the car.
Yes we are having fun.  The temperature has gone down since Thursday so it has been pretty bearable.
I do not think I need anything, but thank you for the cards you sent… was that what you were talking about earlier?  They are fun to get! In our mission, you can email anyone that is not in or around your mission boundaries, though they recommend you limit conversation with everyone but your family.  I usually send a shortened version of this
email to Travis and Jordan, then I email Kevin and Peter occasionally, that is really everyone I talk to.
I wanted to tell you a couple things, first, I met Kevin Mitchel’s son out here… I think it is Kevin, anyway, it is someone who you worked with Dad, he is really nice.  Small world huh?
Second, Cavaillon (a town not far from Avignon, in our sector) is known as the capitol of Melon, so the best melons here come from Cavaillon.  I have had a few, and they are simply amazing!  Every single one I have had has been way sweet and just perfect.  I have had several caneloups and a water melon.  Today we bought a strange looking melon that I have never seen before, so we’ll see if it is any good.
Corn on the cob sounds good.  They don’t really sell corn here outside of canned corn.  I did see my first ear of corn at the store today. €1.25 for one ear!  Really really pricy.
Monday:  Saw Olivier, and Cyprien Ughetto.  It was Cyprien’s birthday so we gave him cookies and one of the light pens you gave me.  He seemed to really like it.  Then we pretty much napped all day ha ha.*
Tuesday:  Worked in Les Angles, got rated by frère Jeunehomme, and saw Sylvain.
Wednesday:  Passed some passbacks (not interested), Got rated by Jeunehomme again, taught English class and Quansah.
Thursday:  Met Rémy and taught him, he was fine… a little awkward like he normally is.  Worked in Sorgues, had dinner, and passed a guy we met in Les Angles (wasn’t there)
Friday:  Weekly planning and studies, got rated by laticia, Called some people and went to les angles again to pass that guy again (not there again)
Saturday:  Went to Rémy’s house to teach him again.  Saw him naked in his house, and wouldn’t answer the door… remy…  Worked in the pontet and made a carnet for the members, a little paper for them to put info
on, so we can know who is who in the branch, and everyone’s callings and so forth.  Went to Frère Jeunehomme’s house without an appointment, and he let us in and we were able to talk for a while and share a message.  I really like Frere Jeunehomme, and his cats.
Sunday:  Good day at church, a good amount of people there (40) passed the veyriey family and talked to them (they are members).  Oh, and we taught this new ami Jenveeve.  We found her yesterday going to frère jeunehomme’s house.  She would have been an absolutely golden contact, only she seemed a little crazy.  She told us she would come
to church, and she did for all three hours.  She said it was great, and she is going to stop smoking and stop drinking beer and coffee, and start praying and reading and she is going to come to church every week.  It almost sounds too good to be true!  The only thing is that she is in a mental hospital, she is very nice, and seems pretty much there, because she has quite a bit of freedom.  The big problem is
that she is sous totale.  That means that the government takes care of virtually every aspect of her life.  It is very very very difficult to even teach those people let alone have them be baptized.  We’ll see what happens.  She is such a lovely woman.

Well that is about it for this week.  We did not have many rdvs, but VACANCE IS FINALLY FREAKIN OVER!!!  Then everyone will be home, and there are at least three people who have some good potential that will finally be back home this next week.  The mission is great!  I love it.  It is still the most difficult thing I have ever done, but also the most rewarding thing I have ever done.  Keep it groovy everyone.
I hope that this letter is a little bit better and longer than the
last one.

-enjoy having large cheap stuff, because over here everything is small and expensive.
Je sais qu’il vie mon rédempteur !  Je vous aime, vous me manquez, et je pris pour vous tout le temps !  Dite à Monte et Max que je les aime aussi, et que je n’ai pas encore oublié le bœuf-tec que je les dois. Restez fidèle, bisous ciao ! à le lundi prochaine !

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