Monday, September 10, 2012

Avignon 11

Hello everyone!  questions;
Palais des papes wasn't bad.  If you guys come to Avignon, you have to do it... kinda a lot of big empty rooms, but still really cool.
The Melons are still deliceouse, the weird one tasted kinda like a honeydew, but a little worse.  It think I'll just stick with the cantaloupes.
The weather is hot again this week. Less though.  I forgot to mention, the first day of september was freezing, I had to wear a sweater.  I also got sick after such a big temperature change, and i am just now getting better.  It was just a little cold, nothing to worry about, and like I said, I am about 100% now.  But like I said, it is still pretty hot here, but only from about 1 to 7, before and after it is cool and quite nice!

We have some extra mattresses the other elders slept on.

Yes I take pictures

Yes I study the book of mormon, quite a lot.  I have already read it through in French, and I am about halfway through my second tour, but I also study by topics, and I have read the pearl of great price, the gospels in the new testament, and up to section 50 in DC all in French.  We have lots of time to study, especially with the extra study time new missionaries get.

It has been known for missionaries to go back to a ville they have already served in.  I know a couple people who have done it, but it isn't really common.  The office Elders still do about four hours of normal missionary work a day.  I hear that it is still really fulfilling and lots of miracles, just in different ways.  The office elders actually got like Three baptisms recently.

So for transfers.  Well I am still in Avignon.  Elder call though
moved to Montpellier... his third transfer, third ville, third
companion ha ha.  He was great though, he is and is going to be a great missionary!  My new collegue is Elder Arrington.  He is also new, so I will be training him, I guess I didn't totally fail with Elder Call.  He is from Des Moines Iowa.  He already speaks and understands French pretty well.  It is impressive.  He seems like a cool guy.  He also is a guitarist!

Another thing that is cool, is because he is blue, we will get to go to Lyon again for his blues conference!

OK, I do not have a lot of time left sorry, so I don't think I am
going to be able to do a day by day thing.  This week was pretty slow anyway... well we didn't have a lot of rdvs, but it went by super super fast!  It really feels like I was just with Elder Call for a long exchange.

I love France!  I love this mission, I am skinny now!  Total loss of 95 pounds so far! Just another 10 and I'll be really REALLY good looking! Que la paix soit avec vous tous!  Je vous aime beacoup
beaucoup.  Do you translate the things I say in French?

Je prie pour vous tous les jours.  Je sais que la mission est la
meilleur décision que j'ai jamais faite!  Allez au temple et à
l'église.  Ne vous abandonnez jamais!  See y'all next week

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