Monday, September 30, 2013

Perpignan September 30th, 2013

Hello everyone, so the internet café is closing in  11 minutes exceptionally today.... so I gotta rush. 
The apartment is getting furnished.  We now have a fridge, stove, washer and dryer.  But the stove needs a special plug that a member should be taking us to get today.  , so we have still been using the gas one the past few days.  We have most everything now, still no hot water.  I fill a bucket with water heated from the stove... it works, but it takes all the refreshing out of the shower.  The mission normally has the funds to get us all we need, but 1 there are new elders in the office, so they are panicking, 2 they have like 20 aparments to furnish, and 3 they have a monthly budget, and so they can't afford at the moment to get us things like a microwave or shower curtain.  So we are increasing what we have little by little.  By the time I leave we might have all the bare essentials, but we are surviving.
Yes I have my passport

Chocolate chip cookies, and they like them because they don't exist here. Pastries are the norm, the grass is always greener right...
 The talent show, and everything before my mission frachement seems like a different life.  I vaguely remember three people that were in my house all the time..; I think it was you guys h aha.  No, but really, I do feel like I don't remember a lot of home ha ha.
The soeurs have thier general meeting Saturday night, it is diffused at the church. 

The furniture is from Ikea
I might come back with a lot less stuff then I went out with... i have already consolidated my things into one suitcase to get here to perpignan.
I am learning Spanish from Elder Nicholas Castillo, and I didn't really speak it before, but i learned a tiny bit from the Mexicans at rock creek pizza.
The amis are going great.  There is a new couple we should see today, and hopefully some other new ones.  David is getting baptized this Friday, and we are all super excited for that.
this week was good.

I have no time left. I'll see if I can write more latter, but just so you know I am well and healthy.  Stay safe and choose the right.  Love you bye!

Perpignan September 23rd, 2013

So let's get right to it.

My guitar playing is doing fine.  i would not say that I have gotten any better.  I can't really look up anything new to play except for figuring out the hymns which I have figured out a lot of them.  I would say that I am about the same as before.  so voila

It would be fun to do another American night, but the 18 October here there will be a talent show, and the members signed me up for that, so I'll get another chance to perform on my french tour.

Yes French people love American cookies.  that is because they just can't seem to get it right.  There is no such thing as mixes or pilsbury so we make them from scratch.  

We had the activity just in the chapelle.

They provided everything to eat.  They call hamburgers here steak haché which is the same thing, and normally it is 5 euros for 10 of them, so not cheap, but not rediculous.  They eat steak haché fairly often, but they don't make it into a burger so much, usually they break it up, or serve it as a "steak" or something like that.

We write the mission president every week just to give him an update, say how we are doing and say any miracles etc. so that will be good.

If you could take this paragraph out of the blog version that would be nice, thank you.  So as far as number of baptisms I have participated in.  Including Hocine, that makes 20.  I feel super blessed to have had so much success.  There are still many missionaries who go their whole mission and only "baptise" one or zero people.  Obviously it was no stroke a genius on my part, and it wasn't me alone.  I just kept my hopes up, worked hard, and lots of other missionaries worked hard, and members too, and angels, and God, and people just happened to say yes ha ha.  it is interesting, because for most everyone who was baptised, they were all pretty golden and basically members already.  I guess that fait partie of how the wicked will get more wicked and the righteouse will get more righteous.  I want to make that part of my homecoming talk, I just need to find a way so that it doesn't come off as boasting .  Je ne veux pas me vanter.

This week was really unique.  So en gros, we stayed in Montpellier until thursday evening.  today we had a memeber give us a stove and a fridge, and I left my sac in his car, so I can't give you a great day to day, but I'll try

Tuesday:  We went to Perpignan actually.  Did our studies in Montpellier and the ZLs got us trains to get down there for the day.  The sisters met us and showed us the church and where things are found.  We then Spent the rest of our time there calling people and going through the area book.  The trip is Two hours, so it took a big chunk out of our day. Especially since the train going back was an hour late. We did get our phone though and area book which are essential.

Wednesday:  We did service with the Montpellier elders (Edler Pilstick and Swenson) at this old lady's house that has lots and lots and lots of cats.  I wish I had taken a picture, because it was really just as bad as you can get.  The apartment smelled terrible and there was hair and cat pee everywhere!  we counted 26 at least, and she said that she had two who fell off the balcony and haven't come back yet ha ha.  Wow.  Then she fed us... something I have never had before, I forget what she called it, but it was canned carrots and green beans in mayo... it was worse than it sounds, because it was really more mayo with some canned carrots and green beans, and then some microwave chicken patty things... with cat hair everywhere... I am glad we have the promise that we can't be poisoned, because I don't know what would have happened sinon.  Then we did member sparking with the Guitar in Montpellier.

Thursday.  We did some guitar contacting, and tried to sing to people..; they weren't too fond of the idea (the french), Then we ate with another missionary equipe in the city  Elder Yang (who was in my apt in Lyon) and Elder Taylor. It was fun to catch up with them.  That night some trainers and their new missionaries were coming through to their prospective villes, and we got the keys then and organized everything.  to get on the next train to perpignan.  We got into our apartment about 9 in the evening.

Friday:  Wow, the apartment is huge!  Three bedrooms, a huge living room, a huge kitchen and a bath and toilet thing... and it is empty.  When we got there, all there was were two mattresses, and a few boxes with our desks in them.  We spent the better part of the day putting together the essentials, the kitchen table and the desks.  The place smells kina bad too.  it smells like stagnant water and ... sulfur or something.  We though it was coming from the pipe where the washer should  be hooked up.  So we just poured a few glasses of water down it, and it helped, so we just do that when it starts stinking up.  And we had our first dinner appointment with the DMP.  It was a party ha ha.  him (he is like 24) his wife, the sisters, us, his two cousins, two of his wife's cousins, and a couple other JAs from the ward.  We had raclette.  it was lots of fun.  But certain people were teasing the Dmp because certain missionaries have not seen him for a long time... and he didn't like that.  and the people involved apologized, and I think it is good. at least I hope.  The last thing we need is drama with the members especially with our DMP (Ward mission leader)

Saturday.  We set up a book shelf and our beds, took a freezing shower because our hot water is turned off.  and such.  we did some calls contacting, and had another dinner appointment with a member family, the Benedetti.  They are super nice and we had a good meal of Gratin a potato meat dish thing with a tomato salad.  They worked it out of us that we didn't have food, or a fridge or a stove or anything, so they started getting us hooked up, and lent us their iron and microwave. They are so nice.  Earlier that day we also taught David who is an awesome Spanish guy who doesn't speak a ton of french, but he is learning.  We fixed a date or re fixed rather for the 5 October to be baptized.  The other missionaries had already taught him almost everything, and he seems pretty golden and ready.  Then we taught a guy Judacaël who comes to church and is in his own words 80 Percent mormon.  He is just afraid of commitment and won't accept to be baptised yet, but he is so close.

Sunday:  Great day at church. We were about 80 so that changes from barely 30 in angouleme.  The ward is great and awesome.  David came and brought a Spanish friend.  We are going to hopefully see both of them the next week... this one.  then we had dinner at the Bishop's house.  The bishop is super young here too, like 30 I think.  He is really cool, and happy to have elders in Perpignan apparently it has been three or four years since there were elders here.

Today like I said another member lent us a stove and fridge, so we need to go buy food to fill it. We have been eating apples and cereal basically when we weren't eating chez les members.  so it will be nice to actually make some real food.  The sisters gave us that, so that's why we were eating it.. well a member bought it for us and the sisters gave it to us.

I like perpignan a lot.  It looks like saint george.  There are palm trees and mountains.  We are about a 30 min bus ride from the sea, so we'll do that one of these days if not today.  Then yeah.  I am happy.  It is really warm here.  So many Spanish people!  Elder Castillo me apprenda el liguna, y ... ca commence h aha.
Have a good week.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JJ I remembered it, but I couldn't get to you until today.  I hope it was a good one.  Stay sage.  Keep smiling and rocking and rolling. Don't go too crazy though.  I know the church is true and that God is looking out for us.  See you next week.

Con amor;
Elder Crossman

Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 16th 2013 Perpignan

Hello everyone, this is Elder Crossman.  As usual, let's get to the questions:

There were a few amis at church.  Romaric, the nephew of our elder's quorem president, who is really interested, and super cool.  he wants to start a choir in our church.  Anyway, I could see him getting baptised in a transfer or two.  Then there was Audrey the girl from New Caledonia.  She is great too, and should be getting baptised as soon as she figures out her marriage to Josué.
then there was the Mother of Dylan who was really friendly.  Normally she seems rather upset and ignores us, but today she was smiling and talked to us.  i think it is because she has a new boyfriend.  Be bon bref.

Yes I am happy.  I am very happy.

The american party was a big success, more in the day to day;

Usually we get to bed on time.  By usually I mean there are a few exceptions.  I remember when I was ZL in Lyon, we went to bed once at 11h45 because we were doing stuff with the blues.  And then there was our fun day trip to Bordeaux where we got home at about 4h30 in the morning.  That made me tired.

Monday:  We did all the normal stuff, and then we took a bus out to this big mall and looked around.  I bought Elder Swenson McDonald's for his birthday.  Then he bought himself a pair of shoes, and I bought myself some shoes because they were the only ones in my size, and they were on sale for 20 euros, a steal! They look really good, and look a bit like cowboy boots, but in a shoe shape.  You'll see.

Tuesday: uhh.... did stuff.  As it is the new transfer, I don't have my planner, and If I don't have that all the days blur together.

Wednesday, Thursday:  Contacting, porting, raté vous, I went on an exchange to bordeaux and we had a good time. I gave a baptismal interview, I would have passed him, but there were some complications, and we needed to get the permission from one of the senior couples to pass him, so we did, and he did pass, and he got baptised yesterday, that's great news.  Other great news.  hocine, a guy Elder Gruber and I Started teaching in Lyon got baptised!  I am super excited to hear about that!  He is going to be the next stake president!

Friday:  We got calls as to what is happening.  i'll tell you at the end.  then we did contacting.

Saturday we had the activity that me, Edler Swenson, and a couple members all did a few songs on guitar and sang;  It was a big success. There were about Thrity people there, and 8 or so were less actives or amis!  I showed everyone how to make cookies.  they super loved the cookies, couldn't get enough of them.  And we had burgurs to top off the american-ness.  A fun activity.

Sunday:  Church went well.  Then we went and saw Audrey and fr Bourdichoux.  They both gave me presents... why?  Because I was leaving the next day!  So we had good rdvs, I'll show you what they gave me in a few weeks.  they are super nice.   

The rest of our time was spent packing and cleaning the apartment for the new two elders.  That's right two.  So Me and elder Swenson left.  He went to Montpellier, and I followed him.  I am going to perpignan, but I am currently in Montpellier, because we'll have a new apartment, and we don't have the keys yet.  Perpignan only had sisters in it throughout my whole mission, and Elder Castillo and I will be opening an elder Equipe;  Elder Castillo is from Salt Lake, he has mexican origins, but his family is pretty american. he speaks spanish, but has forgotten most of it.  I hear there are a lot of spanish speakers in perpgnan, since it is right next to spain and the méditerranée!  I wrote president in spanish last week... I wonder if this has anything to do about that.  Well;  I am about out of time;; 

I shoudl be in Perpignan by the end of the week;  I am going there tomorrow to get things sorted out and have the sisters there show us around.  it should be fun.  I'll commute to work for this week.  Like we did in Bienne.  Another fun fact;  Elder Castillo was Elder Cooper's comp in the MTC.  yeah!  

I love you very much.  Keep reading together.  Don't go inactive, people are never more happy after they go inactive ha ha.  Keep the faith.  Stay safe, and all that good stuff;  See you next week!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Angouleme 11 September 9th

Hello everyone.  So the little time counter says that I have thirty minutes left.  So let's hope that I can fit all of this in, because I don't want to invest in more time until I know where I will be for next transfer.
Questions:  P'day.  last p day seemed good. Super short though;  We really didn't do anything fun, but We will do something today because it is Elder Swenson's birthday.
We have a new ami this week, and he came to church!  more in the day to day
I did get the letter from the primary class.  I'll try to get the response in as well.
Monday:  we were on the computers for a while I was looking at the BYU website and we were watching church videos.  That is why I don't have the full hour and a half today.  Then we wrote letters and explored this one shop that was closed my whole time here, but just opened again.  It is super small and really expensive and has nothing in my size.
Tuesday:  We passed a less active who wasn't there.  Then set a rdv with another one.  Then we ported.
Wednesday:  Saw Fr. Bordichoux, he is doing the same, still sad, but things went better for him this week, he got a call from a member of the branch and that cheered him up.
Then the Jeffries came to inspect our apartment.  After they inspected it they took us out to eat at a place called le poivre Rouge.  It wasn't anything to write home about... but I am doing it anyway.  I had what I thought would be the filet of salmon, but they used really weird french words that I didn't understand that must have meant one tiny piece  of salmon in fettuccine Alfredo because that's what I got.  But after I had a tarte chocolate au noix de coco, which was really good.  The Jeffries will be finishing their mission the end of this month.  They are from Draper, so I am sure that I'll see them for some reunion or something. 
Thursday:  District meeting.  The people told me it went pretty well. So I guess so.  It was one of the first district meetings where I actually felt prepared going into it, so that always helps.  Then we saw Samuel Célène and their three kids.  They were fun.  They are difficult to teach though, they like to talk about n'importe quoi.  Anyway then we went home.

Friday:  We got ratéd twice, and we dropped one of the amis who ratéd us (remi).  Then we ate with the Family Mazaleyrat and had FHE with them.  They are a good family;  the parents are very caring about their children.  Anyway that was pretty much all other than contacting.
Saturday:  We took a train to cognac, and wouldn't you know they were having a theater festival, unfortunately it ended yesterday, but it was fun to see a couple seconds of that, but we mostly just talked to a bunch of people with not much success.  Maybe it was just because of the festival, but Cognac seems to be much more lively than Angouleme, and it is about 2:3 the size.
Sunday:  Church, I gave a talk on vivre par la foi... living by faith.  People said I did well, but I think they would have told me that no matter how well it went.  There were five less actives at church,and two amis.  One was the nephew of our elders quorum pres who we taught and he is really cool.  We gave him a Book and all that.  So he said he hopes to see us again and come to chruch again, so I hope that works.  Branch council after church. that is refreshing to see that the members are doing things and are aware of the things going on.  Then we ate and got ratéd, but no problem because we found this really nice lady who told us to come back next Saturday. Though on first impressions  I think it will be hard to get her to agree to be baptized and all that.  She is very believing and seems pretty fixed in her ways.  But who knows miracles happen every day!
Today we started our studies early to finish early so that we could have more time for fun, so we are just about finished with emails and shopping and all the devoirs and it is only 12:45, where normally we finish around... 2 so we have an hour more...
We'll see what happens for next transfer.  I don't feel like things are going to stay the same.  That something is going to change.  But just me saying that probably means that I am staying with Elder Swenson which wouldn't be bad.  I like the Elder  he is really funny we have a good time together.  This week we will have a branch activity, Elder Swenson and I are preforming on Guitar and then teaching everyone how to make cookies and eating hamburgers and fries.  An American night!  Fun fun fun.  It is always a party here in Angouleme. 

Well I only have a few minutes left, I need to print off a few things and report numbers to president so I gotta go. I'll see you next week at the start of my last transfer.  That is odd.  It seems unreal to me.  it hasn't hit me which is good. I feel that I will just be here for ever and ever.  I know you wouldn't be too excited about that.  I love the missionary life, but I am also excited for the future.  Luckily I have figured out just what is most important here.  Hopefully I don't forget it when I get back. 
PS do you have any news about Jeff?  Is he married yet?  Also... I forgot my question. ha ha Love you keep the faith do good things.  Read your scriptures every day personally and in family, even just for a few minutes.  I'd like to go skiing with JJ, hopefully I'll be able to make a few monies to go with him.  Where does he go..; well I am also sending this to JJ.  JJ where do you go?!  Have a good week.  It is colder here by the way. The past couple days I have worn my coat.  This week it will be about 20... that's Celsius, you have to do the conversion ah ah.  Love... LOVE

Monday, September 2, 2013

Angouleme 10

Hello everyone!  Did you realize that I'll be home next month?  That is a weird thought now isn't it?  sure it is the beginning of this month, and I come home right at the end of next, but still.  i had a bit of a freak out crisis this morning  ha ha.  Don"t worry, I am not getting trunky, but it is not a secret that I don't have too much time left.  So how are you doing?
The amis are doing well.  We got a new one!  more in the day to day.

I have not looked at classes yet, I was planning on doing that after I write you.  I have been thinking a lot about a major and such, and while I have not made a solid decision, I think yo uare right mother, and even if I want to get into video and such, majoring in that would not be the most critical thing.  You might be happy to know that I want to sign up for a computer science program to see what I think about that.  Ever since I talked to that member who said that you can get a well paying job litterally anywhere you want, it seems a little more attractive.
Day to day:
Monday:  We took a long time shopping for food and watching videos on the computer.  Then we slept and played guitar, ha ha, I know we are just a couple of crazy kids.  We've been looking for things to do, but there are not even places to go hiking or whatnot, the city of angouleme is just surrounded by endless flat farmland, so it is pretty in it's own way, but... it isn't hiking type landscape.  Then in the evening we talked to Fernando, his wife was there who was able to translate a bit.  She is really nice.  Hopefully things are going well between them.  That could be great to start teaching his wife, then she could translate for him at church and then they could have a happy eternal family together.
Tuesday:  Talked to Fr; Bordichoux and ported, Gave a little thank you card to Seiko and Audré (the people from new caledonia)  Then we ported the night away
Wed:  Saw Fr; Petit, it has been a while since we've seen him. He was a little embarrased to have a lesson with us because he had other family over, but we were sneaky and taught our lesson we had planned just in our conversation mu ha ha ha!  Then we saw Fernando again and taught him the rest of the plan of salvation.  He usually can figure out what we are saying, and with the brochures in spanish and my little knowledge of spanish, and for sure the spirit, we are able to have a good lesson with him.  But it is much slower than when Elder Sohou was here.
Then we got ratéd, and the member who came with us offered to buy us dinner. That was very nice of him.
Thursday:  had our meeting with the ward mission leader, then got ratéd again and made other thank you cards for other members and gave them out while contacting, and that evening.  we went to Bordeaux to pick up Elder fletcher for our exchange.  Elder Swenson went to Bordeaux and I was in Angouleme with Elder Fletcher, who is from texas, and has the most steriotypical texas accent that you have ever heard.  It was great!

Friday:  Got ratéd, then we helped this crazy woman get to the hospital (did I explane thta last time?  if not ;.. it is a long story)  So we took the bus with her to the psych hospital, and then we taught her.  Or rather we tried to teach her, and she kept talking over us telling us how much she was thankful and how she was nice.  Then when we were leaving she said "ok,on fait la bise?" which means she wanted to do the cheek kisses that french people do here.  We started to explain that we couldn't but then she grabbed me and Elder Fletcher and didn't Bise us but really smacked a kiss on both of us... oops ha ha.  I don't think we'll see her again.  Afterwards, we got into a conversation with a JW and saw a cross-dresser in the road, so I would say that it was a pretty successful exchange haha.  We switched back friday night.  I really need to piggyback our exchanges off the district meetings or something, because so much time is taken in travel.
Saturday:  We had no rdvs plannede so we had thought of going to a place called La Rochefaucauld.  there were no busses during vacation time.  So we thought we would go to cognac, but the next train wasn't until 7 in the evening, so that was a no go.  So we just took the city bus to this little farm village called Mornac.  There was absolutley nothing there and it took us a long time to get there.  But when we got on the bus to come home, Bruno (one of our first amis here) got on the bus.  he was visiting his mother who lived out here.  He isn't doing to well, but he still doesn't think that our message can help him.  It is too bad, but I still think that we were supposed to meet him there.

Sunday:  Church was fun.  I believe this was the first Sunday that I didn't do something for the sacrament.  Our ami was in Toulouse, so We didn't have a class, but it was fun to be taught instead of teach something.  then we saw this guy Paulin whom we had talked to sunday passé.  he is cool and comes from TOGO.  He doesn't seem golden like baptise me tomorrow, but he is humble and loves god, so we have hopes for him.
Unfortunatly the family canceled the rdv with us during the week.  Hopefully we'll be able to see them again this week.  I am sorry if my letters have been depressing.  I am not depressed, It would be fun to do our next exchange in Bordeaux, so that we could go Monday and see the city a bit.  I'll think about that. I don't hate Angouleme.  It isn't an easy city, but it has its up points.  Like it has lots of well preserved old stuff, like the Marie... what is that in English... where the leader of the city does his work.  anyway it is a big old castle, and the memebers here are really sympa. 

Elder Swenson is funny .  he comes from Pleasant Grove Utah, and has been on his mission for eight months.  he really likes to skateboard and play guitar and do misisonary work.  I love yo uall very much.  I pray for you daily.  Stay groovy and have a good life.  I don't know what is up, but the computer has not been recognizing my sd card recently, That is why <i have not been able to send pictures recently.  I tried again and it isn't working.  can you wait until... next month Oh, that is bizzarre.  Stay strong.  Elder fletcher as well served in Utah for three weeks because he had some visa trouble.  He worked in our mission, and worked in Sandy and Draper a lot.  If you continue west on 123rd south, until you get to like 900 west, that's where he lived.  So that was fun to hear.  He said people are a lot nicer here in France than they were in Utah.  That surprised me, but then again I guess everyone that isn't a member there knows the church and has already formed their opinion on it.  I personally dont' know why anyone wouldn't join or go inactive.  it is really the greatest thing.  I am very greatful for my mission.  I really feel 100% converted, and i am not oging to turn my back on God.  I probably will have hard times... rather I will have hard times, but I have just had too many experiences, many of them on my misison, that I cannot deny the divinity of this church and the reality of the restoration.  Then again anyone can loose thier testimony if they don't take care of it.  That's why you need to feed your spirit (2nephi 32)  So eat up!  Love you.  Talk to you next week and see you next month. HHAAAHHAHAHHA!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Angouleme 9

Hello everyone.  That is really sad to hear about max.  It sounds like he went fairly quietly.  It is too bad, because I was really thinking that he would still be alive when I came back.  Well, I am sure he is with grandma again and has large fields to peep in. 
I suppose you want to know where I am and what happened to me and all that.  Well I am Still in Angouleme.  My new colleague, the third for this transfer is Elder Swenson.  I only figured out Friday that he would be coming.  He came Saturday night.  And Elder Sohou left Sunday morning.  He didn't even get to go to church to say goodbye, so that was a bit of a bummer but, things are good and we are still having miracles.

We Spent the whole day with Sebastien pretty much... he is very tiring haha.  Really it is like being with a two year old all day.  He is a good kid, but really just needs to calm down.  We saw a church and walked around  Then had an FHE with Seiko and his fiancée Audré.  They are super cool, and Audré just needs to be baptized but she isn't "converted enough" to be baptized as she says.
Tuesday:  Contacted a young chap in the morning (about 25 years old.  I don't know why I said young chap) and he actually let us come to his place to teach him.  His name is Rémy and he was just a bit drunk when we met him... In his apartment there were champagne bottles, beer cans and other alcohol everywhere, and he was playing some Satan music when we got there.  Luckily he turned the music off.  It was honestly a little scary at first, but he is nice.  and we just talked about Rien et de tout.  then we had a lesson with another new ami Marie-adèle.  She has mental issues. i don't think we can really help her much, she needs some therapy.  We did agree to take her to the doctor's this week, so we'll see her again there, but after I really don't know what we can do.
Wednesday:  Had a FHE with A few members.  It was fun, we read president Monson's discours in the general conference about obedience with the story of him playing with matches.  It went well.  Then we taught Fernando the plan of salvation.  His daughter is really cute.  She kept handing me this big ball; and all of her other toys.
Thursday:  I went on exchange witht he Zone leaders and I went to Bordeaux.  It was interesting to be back in a big city doing work.  It isn't as big as Lyon for sure, but still I have confirmed my theory that Bordeaux is the biggest little town.  I don't think I saw a building taller than three stories, but it simply never ends.  I think right when you leave Bordeaux, you are just about to Angouleme, or at least that's how it feels.We taught this cool student, and then had this Young adult meeting in the nicest young adult center that I have ever seen.  I slept in their apartment with the assistants because we were having zone conference the next day. I got bit by lots of spiders or mosquitos.

Friday:  Zone conference.;  It was good. We talked about inviting people as our purpose.  We are here to invite people to partake of the cake that is the atonement, not shove it in their face.  It was also interview tours.  This was my last interview with president before my dying one where he tells me to get married.  It was really good and spiritual.  I asked him about BYU and he said that the system changed about a month ago where I have to "get everything worked out" and then he gives me the ecclesiastical endorsement whatever that means.  So he officially gave me permission to take time of BYU's website to figure out what I need to do.  So that will be fun
That evening, we had an awesome experience with a family of five.  The couple is great, the husband if from Martinique and the wife is French but lived in New Caledonia most of her life.  They are super nice and invited us over again this week to eat with them.  They could be really golden but it was a little difficult to teach them because the kids were really loud.  Then we taught a less active family who didn't come to church though they said they would.
Saturday:  Saw Rémy again.  he has a really really bad alcohol problem.  So much so that I think he could be physically in danger with the amount he drinks.  We had a sort of testimony meeting, and we fixed another rdv, hopefully to throw out all of his booze.  Then we did weekly planning since we didn't do it last week because of exchanges.  Then we picked up Elder Swenson and saw Fr; Bordichoux.

Sunday:  Elder Sohou had to change his tickets at the gare in the morning.  We did that and we saw him off.  A member took us to church about 10 min late.  It was really good and spiritual.  We had two amis there and Five less actives!  we were quite nombreux. 
Today looks like it will be another tranquil Pday.  Honestly we haven't planned anything, so we will probably sleep... I didn't get a lot this week for some reason, so that sounds pretty good.  With Elder Sohou I felt like I had all the time in the world, but now that he is gone, I'm the old one again.  Don't worry I am still working hard, but I am tired.  I am glad we had some good success this week.  I have probably told you before that the mission is definitely the hardest thing I have done so far.  Particularly when people have problems and they look at you to help them, and you feel as though you have no experience and can't relate to them at all (speaking of Rémy)  Thats when you just need to really rely on the Lord, because I cannot understand these people.  They have had it pretty hard, normally because of their bad choices, and buff, it is fatiguing ha ha.

I don't get why so many people think they can go without God... it is real ... not easier, but so much more doable when you have him working with you.  I love the Lord!  PS, do you realize that you will only get 8 more emails from me?  weird huh?  Love you so much have a great day!  and week!

Angouleme 8

Hello everyone, and welcome to the next installment of Elder Crossman's life in France.  I'll be your host elder crossman, let's start with the questions:
Yes Elder Sohou is going to school in Versailles specifically.  Something cool is that he will be going with the son of one of the members here, so that is interesting.
I have no idea what is going to happen to me when he leaves. I really don't I'll just tell you where I am next week.  Normally Elder Sohou will go home Monday the 26th, so he will probably leave Sunday afternoon or super early Monday morning.
Yes we have a new ami, more in the day to day:
Fernando is cool still.  He isn't really doing anything we ask him, except for coming to church.  he wants to read, but he wants to do it with his wife, and his wife is solid athé (athiest) so she doesn't really want to. We need to get him to want to read on his own.
I still have the robe, and it is still blue.
I use a bag that I bought here from fnac, the French version of Best buy.  It is really good, you'll see it soon enough.  I have a question for you, who took the cologne?
So for the return trip, here are the opinions of me and Elder Sohou.  Don't skip paris, we are so close, you have to go.  Plus Elder Sohou says if he can he'll show us all the best places and we can even stay at his place if he has a place and if it is big enough ha ha. 

Also he and I suggest renting a car.  That way we can enjoy the country side and stop whenever we want and see all the little castles and things on the way.  I imagine in the end it woudl be cheaper anyway, and with the trains, you really have to just stay in the city, and In europe... there isn't a ton of stuff to do in the city except see things and go to restauraunts, and you've seen everything after a day or two, and you don't have so much money to eat out all day every day.  I mean there is pleanty to do, but just a car would be more gooder.  Can you drive stick? Ha ha, no they should have automatics that they give to the tourists.
  Maybe, depending on how long we will be there, it would be easier to travel by train from paris to Lyon, ... even just rely on public transportation in paris (unless we want to go outside of paris) and then rent a car in Lyon.  Those are my two cents.
Monday:  We went out to eat at a chinese buffet!  It was pretty good, then we went window shopping, and took pictures of the ville, and slept.  Then we called some peopel and contacted.
Tuesday:  Saw Fr. Bordichoux who is doing well, then Another member, and a less active, and then the second cousellor of the branch presidency and contacted inbetween.  The second councellor gave us ice cream!

Wednesday:  Saw Fernando, then contacted
Thursday:  Zone training in Bordeaux, that was fun, then porting
Friday:  Had Lunch with the family Mendardin, and Sebastien who is sitting right next to me actually.  Then we did planning and saw some people.
Saturday:  Had a few ratés from people who we met during the week.  Then we taught a lesson to a homeless guy named Bob who was really sympa, and then taught English class to this guy named Ben. 
Sunday:  Super good day at church.  There were two amis there One was the fiancée of a new member who moved in from New Calidonia.  His fiancée is super golden, she has been taught by the missionaries already alot in New Calidonia, She already talks like a memeber.  So yeah, we have high hopes for her.  We are doing an FHE with them later today.  There was also the mother of a less active who came who we have been trying to teach, but doesn't seem too interested.  And three less actives came back! 
The rest of the day was spent contacting, and at Fr. Bordichoux's to fix his tv ha ha missionary AV guys.
So it was a pretty good week.  We are happy.  Elder Sohou says he wants to work so hard his last week that he can't carry his suitcases back.  So we'll do that.  love you much.  Keep the faith, do good, take luck!  I'll talk to you next week.
And so we conclude this episode.  Tune in next week to find what will happen to Elder Crossman when his college leaves.  This and more next week!

Angouleme 7

Hi y'all.  So this week was different.  but let's get to the questions and yeah eay.
Fernando is doing very well.  It is really good Elder Sohou speaks spanish, because this whole time we thought that he was an ami, but it turns out he was already baptised.  He has been less active for a long time now, and I mean so long that he doesn't really know what the book of mormon is.  So we are going to keep teaching him like an ami, but unfortunatley the numbers will go to less actives and not lessons with amis.  We get less commission for it, but I guess it is still a good thing.  NO I am kidding!  Of course it is great that he is coming back to church.  He really wants to learn and know whether the church is right or if it is the Catholic church.  So we are working with that.  He came to church yesterday and really liked it.

Elder Sohou is great, it is interesting being with a real french person.  I have been collegues with several french speakers, but all tahitian, and Mainland french poeple have a totally different culture.  It is cool and refreshing to speak in French 24:7 again.

No new amis this week. We spent most of it in the apartment, I'll explain that in the day to day.
No I didn't speak in CHurch, but I did get an assignment for a talk the 8th of September, so that will be fun.
Elder sohou is doing good in getting me to exercize really hard.  I have been excercizing, but with elder sohou, we have been really sweating quoi.  Yes I am eating fresh and french, Elder sohou is pretty much a professional chef, really it isn't fair, we do exactly the same thing, yet his is so much better than mine.  It is just because he is french.
Yes Angouleme is really a carbon copy of avignon. I mix the two up all the time.  And EVERYONE is gone for the month of Agust.  The only difference is that avignon was full of tourists, and Angouleme... there are a few English people because apparently it is really cheap for them to come here, but other than that Angouleme is pretty much a ghost town.  It is a little sad honestly.  In the big mall here in centre ville there are 20 ish spots for stores and about 7 are empty,  It is just interesting it is like living in real poverty.  When you leave angouleme, ca va that's where all the rich people live, but really no one works here, to find work you have to go to bordeaux or Poitier at least.  There are even a number of people here who take that cheap flight to London to work there.  So all we have left here is high school kids and old poeple.  We talked to a 95 year old woman the other day on a walk... she didn't look in great shape.
Friday:  We saw fernando, then we then we did lots of porting
Saturday:  Lots of contacting
Sunday:  Church was great, there were three less actives (including fernando) who came. We were able to talk with fernando, and then ported the night out.  I am sort of understanding spanish.  Elder sohou has been teaching me more.
Well it was a slower day.  It was interesting.   I am still motivated and am not getting trunky.  Thanks for answering my question during the week.  Thanks for all you do,  love you much.  See you next week!