Monday, September 30, 2013

Perpignan September 30th, 2013

Hello everyone, so the internet café is closing in  11 minutes exceptionally today.... so I gotta rush. 
The apartment is getting furnished.  We now have a fridge, stove, washer and dryer.  But the stove needs a special plug that a member should be taking us to get today.  , so we have still been using the gas one the past few days.  We have most everything now, still no hot water.  I fill a bucket with water heated from the stove... it works, but it takes all the refreshing out of the shower.  The mission normally has the funds to get us all we need, but 1 there are new elders in the office, so they are panicking, 2 they have like 20 aparments to furnish, and 3 they have a monthly budget, and so they can't afford at the moment to get us things like a microwave or shower curtain.  So we are increasing what we have little by little.  By the time I leave we might have all the bare essentials, but we are surviving.
Yes I have my passport

Chocolate chip cookies, and they like them because they don't exist here. Pastries are the norm, the grass is always greener right...
 The talent show, and everything before my mission frachement seems like a different life.  I vaguely remember three people that were in my house all the time..; I think it was you guys h aha.  No, but really, I do feel like I don't remember a lot of home ha ha.
The soeurs have thier general meeting Saturday night, it is diffused at the church. 

The furniture is from Ikea
I might come back with a lot less stuff then I went out with... i have already consolidated my things into one suitcase to get here to perpignan.
I am learning Spanish from Elder Nicholas Castillo, and I didn't really speak it before, but i learned a tiny bit from the Mexicans at rock creek pizza.
The amis are going great.  There is a new couple we should see today, and hopefully some other new ones.  David is getting baptized this Friday, and we are all super excited for that.
this week was good.

I have no time left. I'll see if I can write more latter, but just so you know I am well and healthy.  Stay safe and choose the right.  Love you bye!

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