Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 16th 2013 Perpignan

Hello everyone, this is Elder Crossman.  As usual, let's get to the questions:

There were a few amis at church.  Romaric, the nephew of our elder's quorem president, who is really interested, and super cool.  he wants to start a choir in our church.  Anyway, I could see him getting baptised in a transfer or two.  Then there was Audrey the girl from New Caledonia.  She is great too, and should be getting baptised as soon as she figures out her marriage to Josué.
then there was the Mother of Dylan who was really friendly.  Normally she seems rather upset and ignores us, but today she was smiling and talked to us.  i think it is because she has a new boyfriend.  Be bon bref.

Yes I am happy.  I am very happy.

The american party was a big success, more in the day to day;

Usually we get to bed on time.  By usually I mean there are a few exceptions.  I remember when I was ZL in Lyon, we went to bed once at 11h45 because we were doing stuff with the blues.  And then there was our fun day trip to Bordeaux where we got home at about 4h30 in the morning.  That made me tired.

Monday:  We did all the normal stuff, and then we took a bus out to this big mall and looked around.  I bought Elder Swenson McDonald's for his birthday.  Then he bought himself a pair of shoes, and I bought myself some shoes because they were the only ones in my size, and they were on sale for 20 euros, a steal! They look really good, and look a bit like cowboy boots, but in a shoe shape.  You'll see.

Tuesday: uhh.... did stuff.  As it is the new transfer, I don't have my planner, and If I don't have that all the days blur together.

Wednesday, Thursday:  Contacting, porting, raté vous, I went on an exchange to bordeaux and we had a good time. I gave a baptismal interview, I would have passed him, but there were some complications, and we needed to get the permission from one of the senior couples to pass him, so we did, and he did pass, and he got baptised yesterday, that's great news.  Other great news.  hocine, a guy Elder Gruber and I Started teaching in Lyon got baptised!  I am super excited to hear about that!  He is going to be the next stake president!

Friday:  We got calls as to what is happening.  i'll tell you at the end.  then we did contacting.

Saturday we had the activity that me, Edler Swenson, and a couple members all did a few songs on guitar and sang;  It was a big success. There were about Thrity people there, and 8 or so were less actives or amis!  I showed everyone how to make cookies.  they super loved the cookies, couldn't get enough of them.  And we had burgurs to top off the american-ness.  A fun activity.

Sunday:  Church went well.  Then we went and saw Audrey and fr Bourdichoux.  They both gave me presents... why?  Because I was leaving the next day!  So we had good rdvs, I'll show you what they gave me in a few weeks.  they are super nice.   

The rest of our time was spent packing and cleaning the apartment for the new two elders.  That's right two.  So Me and elder Swenson left.  He went to Montpellier, and I followed him.  I am going to perpignan, but I am currently in Montpellier, because we'll have a new apartment, and we don't have the keys yet.  Perpignan only had sisters in it throughout my whole mission, and Elder Castillo and I will be opening an elder Equipe;  Elder Castillo is from Salt Lake, he has mexican origins, but his family is pretty american. he speaks spanish, but has forgotten most of it.  I hear there are a lot of spanish speakers in perpgnan, since it is right next to spain and the méditerranée!  I wrote president in spanish last week... I wonder if this has anything to do about that.  Well;  I am about out of time;; 

I shoudl be in Perpignan by the end of the week;  I am going there tomorrow to get things sorted out and have the sisters there show us around.  it should be fun.  I'll commute to work for this week.  Like we did in Bienne.  Another fun fact;  Elder Castillo was Elder Cooper's comp in the MTC.  yeah!  

I love you very much.  Keep reading together.  Don't go inactive, people are never more happy after they go inactive ha ha.  Keep the faith.  Stay safe, and all that good stuff;  See you next week!

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