Sunday, September 1, 2013

Angouleme 8

Hello everyone, and welcome to the next installment of Elder Crossman's life in France.  I'll be your host elder crossman, let's start with the questions:
Yes Elder Sohou is going to school in Versailles specifically.  Something cool is that he will be going with the son of one of the members here, so that is interesting.
I have no idea what is going to happen to me when he leaves. I really don't I'll just tell you where I am next week.  Normally Elder Sohou will go home Monday the 26th, so he will probably leave Sunday afternoon or super early Monday morning.
Yes we have a new ami, more in the day to day:
Fernando is cool still.  He isn't really doing anything we ask him, except for coming to church.  he wants to read, but he wants to do it with his wife, and his wife is solid athé (athiest) so she doesn't really want to. We need to get him to want to read on his own.
I still have the robe, and it is still blue.
I use a bag that I bought here from fnac, the French version of Best buy.  It is really good, you'll see it soon enough.  I have a question for you, who took the cologne?
So for the return trip, here are the opinions of me and Elder Sohou.  Don't skip paris, we are so close, you have to go.  Plus Elder Sohou says if he can he'll show us all the best places and we can even stay at his place if he has a place and if it is big enough ha ha. 

Also he and I suggest renting a car.  That way we can enjoy the country side and stop whenever we want and see all the little castles and things on the way.  I imagine in the end it woudl be cheaper anyway, and with the trains, you really have to just stay in the city, and In europe... there isn't a ton of stuff to do in the city except see things and go to restauraunts, and you've seen everything after a day or two, and you don't have so much money to eat out all day every day.  I mean there is pleanty to do, but just a car would be more gooder.  Can you drive stick? Ha ha, no they should have automatics that they give to the tourists.
  Maybe, depending on how long we will be there, it would be easier to travel by train from paris to Lyon, ... even just rely on public transportation in paris (unless we want to go outside of paris) and then rent a car in Lyon.  Those are my two cents.
Monday:  We went out to eat at a chinese buffet!  It was pretty good, then we went window shopping, and took pictures of the ville, and slept.  Then we called some peopel and contacted.
Tuesday:  Saw Fr. Bordichoux who is doing well, then Another member, and a less active, and then the second cousellor of the branch presidency and contacted inbetween.  The second councellor gave us ice cream!

Wednesday:  Saw Fernando, then contacted
Thursday:  Zone training in Bordeaux, that was fun, then porting
Friday:  Had Lunch with the family Mendardin, and Sebastien who is sitting right next to me actually.  Then we did planning and saw some people.
Saturday:  Had a few ratés from people who we met during the week.  Then we taught a lesson to a homeless guy named Bob who was really sympa, and then taught English class to this guy named Ben. 
Sunday:  Super good day at church.  There were two amis there One was the fiancée of a new member who moved in from New Calidonia.  His fiancée is super golden, she has been taught by the missionaries already alot in New Calidonia, She already talks like a memeber.  So yeah, we have high hopes for her.  We are doing an FHE with them later today.  There was also the mother of a less active who came who we have been trying to teach, but doesn't seem too interested.  And three less actives came back! 
The rest of the day was spent contacting, and at Fr. Bordichoux's to fix his tv ha ha missionary AV guys.
So it was a pretty good week.  We are happy.  Elder Sohou says he wants to work so hard his last week that he can't carry his suitcases back.  So we'll do that.  love you much.  Keep the faith, do good, take luck!  I'll talk to you next week.
And so we conclude this episode.  Tune in next week to find what will happen to Elder Crossman when his college leaves.  This and more next week!

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