Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Angouleme 11 September 9th

Hello everyone.  So the little time counter says that I have thirty minutes left.  So let's hope that I can fit all of this in, because I don't want to invest in more time until I know where I will be for next transfer.
Questions:  P'day.  last p day seemed good. Super short though;  We really didn't do anything fun, but We will do something today because it is Elder Swenson's birthday.
We have a new ami this week, and he came to church!  more in the day to day
I did get the letter from the primary class.  I'll try to get the response in as well.
Monday:  we were on the computers for a while I was looking at the BYU website and we were watching church videos.  That is why I don't have the full hour and a half today.  Then we wrote letters and explored this one shop that was closed my whole time here, but just opened again.  It is super small and really expensive and has nothing in my size.
Tuesday:  We passed a less active who wasn't there.  Then set a rdv with another one.  Then we ported.
Wednesday:  Saw Fr. Bordichoux, he is doing the same, still sad, but things went better for him this week, he got a call from a member of the branch and that cheered him up.
Then the Jeffries came to inspect our apartment.  After they inspected it they took us out to eat at a place called le poivre Rouge.  It wasn't anything to write home about... but I am doing it anyway.  I had what I thought would be the filet of salmon, but they used really weird french words that I didn't understand that must have meant one tiny piece  of salmon in fettuccine Alfredo because that's what I got.  But after I had a tarte chocolate au noix de coco, which was really good.  The Jeffries will be finishing their mission the end of this month.  They are from Draper, so I am sure that I'll see them for some reunion or something. 
Thursday:  District meeting.  The people told me it went pretty well. So I guess so.  It was one of the first district meetings where I actually felt prepared going into it, so that always helps.  Then we saw Samuel Célène and their three kids.  They were fun.  They are difficult to teach though, they like to talk about n'importe quoi.  Anyway then we went home.

Friday:  We got ratéd twice, and we dropped one of the amis who ratéd us (remi).  Then we ate with the Family Mazaleyrat and had FHE with them.  They are a good family;  the parents are very caring about their children.  Anyway that was pretty much all other than contacting.
Saturday:  We took a train to cognac, and wouldn't you know they were having a theater festival, unfortunately it ended yesterday, but it was fun to see a couple seconds of that, but we mostly just talked to a bunch of people with not much success.  Maybe it was just because of the festival, but Cognac seems to be much more lively than Angouleme, and it is about 2:3 the size.
Sunday:  Church, I gave a talk on vivre par la foi... living by faith.  People said I did well, but I think they would have told me that no matter how well it went.  There were five less actives at church,and two amis.  One was the nephew of our elders quorum pres who we taught and he is really cool.  We gave him a Book and all that.  So he said he hopes to see us again and come to chruch again, so I hope that works.  Branch council after church. that is refreshing to see that the members are doing things and are aware of the things going on.  Then we ate and got ratéd, but no problem because we found this really nice lady who told us to come back next Saturday. Though on first impressions  I think it will be hard to get her to agree to be baptized and all that.  She is very believing and seems pretty fixed in her ways.  But who knows miracles happen every day!
Today we started our studies early to finish early so that we could have more time for fun, so we are just about finished with emails and shopping and all the devoirs and it is only 12:45, where normally we finish around... 2 so we have an hour more...
We'll see what happens for next transfer.  I don't feel like things are going to stay the same.  That something is going to change.  But just me saying that probably means that I am staying with Elder Swenson which wouldn't be bad.  I like the Elder  he is really funny we have a good time together.  This week we will have a branch activity, Elder Swenson and I are preforming on Guitar and then teaching everyone how to make cookies and eating hamburgers and fries.  An American night!  Fun fun fun.  It is always a party here in Angouleme. 

Well I only have a few minutes left, I need to print off a few things and report numbers to president so I gotta go. I'll see you next week at the start of my last transfer.  That is odd.  It seems unreal to me.  it hasn't hit me which is good. I feel that I will just be here for ever and ever.  I know you wouldn't be too excited about that.  I love the missionary life, but I am also excited for the future.  Luckily I have figured out just what is most important here.  Hopefully I don't forget it when I get back. 
PS do you have any news about Jeff?  Is he married yet?  Also... I forgot my question. ha ha Love you keep the faith do good things.  Read your scriptures every day personally and in family, even just for a few minutes.  I'd like to go skiing with JJ, hopefully I'll be able to make a few monies to go with him.  Where does he go..; well I am also sending this to JJ.  JJ where do you go?!  Have a good week.  It is colder here by the way. The past couple days I have worn my coat.  This week it will be about 20... that's Celsius, you have to do the conversion ah ah.  Love... LOVE

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