Sunday, September 1, 2013

Angouleme 7

Hi y'all.  So this week was different.  but let's get to the questions and yeah eay.
Fernando is doing very well.  It is really good Elder Sohou speaks spanish, because this whole time we thought that he was an ami, but it turns out he was already baptised.  He has been less active for a long time now, and I mean so long that he doesn't really know what the book of mormon is.  So we are going to keep teaching him like an ami, but unfortunatley the numbers will go to less actives and not lessons with amis.  We get less commission for it, but I guess it is still a good thing.  NO I am kidding!  Of course it is great that he is coming back to church.  He really wants to learn and know whether the church is right or if it is the Catholic church.  So we are working with that.  He came to church yesterday and really liked it.

Elder Sohou is great, it is interesting being with a real french person.  I have been collegues with several french speakers, but all tahitian, and Mainland french poeple have a totally different culture.  It is cool and refreshing to speak in French 24:7 again.

No new amis this week. We spent most of it in the apartment, I'll explain that in the day to day.
No I didn't speak in CHurch, but I did get an assignment for a talk the 8th of September, so that will be fun.
Elder sohou is doing good in getting me to exercize really hard.  I have been excercizing, but with elder sohou, we have been really sweating quoi.  Yes I am eating fresh and french, Elder sohou is pretty much a professional chef, really it isn't fair, we do exactly the same thing, yet his is so much better than mine.  It is just because he is french.
Yes Angouleme is really a carbon copy of avignon. I mix the two up all the time.  And EVERYONE is gone for the month of Agust.  The only difference is that avignon was full of tourists, and Angouleme... there are a few English people because apparently it is really cheap for them to come here, but other than that Angouleme is pretty much a ghost town.  It is a little sad honestly.  In the big mall here in centre ville there are 20 ish spots for stores and about 7 are empty,  It is just interesting it is like living in real poverty.  When you leave angouleme, ca va that's where all the rich people live, but really no one works here, to find work you have to go to bordeaux or Poitier at least.  There are even a number of people here who take that cheap flight to London to work there.  So all we have left here is high school kids and old poeple.  We talked to a 95 year old woman the other day on a walk... she didn't look in great shape.
Friday:  We saw fernando, then we then we did lots of porting
Saturday:  Lots of contacting
Sunday:  Church was great, there were three less actives (including fernando) who came. We were able to talk with fernando, and then ported the night out.  I am sort of understanding spanish.  Elder sohou has been teaching me more.
Well it was a slower day.  It was interesting.   I am still motivated and am not getting trunky.  Thanks for answering my question during the week.  Thanks for all you do,  love you much.  See you next week!

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