Sunday, August 11, 2013

Anguoleme 6

Hello everyone, this is Elder Crossman speaking From the expencive internet place here in Angouleme, next to me is my college... Elder Cooper!  That is right, for only the second time in my mission, I am staying with the same  collegue in the same place.  There will be something dfferent still however. For three weeks, we will have a third missionary in our equipe.  His name is Elder Sohou who is originally from africa, but lives in Paris normally.  he is a french speaker, but speaks english really well, and spanish.  He is going home half way through the transfer for school, so that is why he will only be  here for three weeks.  He is also coming here so that we can baptise this spanish speaker Fernando.  he is currently in Yverdon though, so it is quite a trip, and he will be here tomorrow morning.
Yes we listen to music, Not too often, but I still listen to the cds you sent me, and the mission CD that the president made for us.
When we come back to france, I want to go to church in St Etienne, and Yverdon are my two top choices 1St Etienne, 2 Yverdon, 3 Avignon, 4 Lyon voila
Yes I am district leader, I lead the district meetings, take numbers and just make sure our district is doing well and what they are supposedto.
We have not eaten with our hick neighboors again since the last time. They have gotten a new dog, bringing the total of animals up to 2 large dogs and 3 cats and a Three month old baby all in less than 200 sq feet... yeah.  Their new dog en plus is a german shepherd that was nice the first day, but now he barks and growls at us every time.  Once we were leaving and he came barking at us and I was sure he was going to bite me, but then the owners came and called him away.  it is really not fun, but they should be moving in a few weeks, so problem solved.
Monday:  oops, new transfer, and I don't have my old planner.  It really feels just like another pday, not like a new transfer.  Though I think that this one is going to go by super fast because there is Elder Sohou going back halfrway through, blues conference is next week in Lyon, so we have that big trip to make, but we are taking a plane so that is better than 8 hours of train.
Travis has 9 weeks left on his mission. That means he'll be home three weeks before me, That is odd, I wonder how that works out since he left a week after me but oh well. 

I was able to talk to our stake president tdoay, that is a long story that I'll explain in just a minute, but It was fun. It was only for a couple seconds, but he was with President Roney and I was calling him, so President passed the phone. 
The reason I was calling President is because Elder Cooper went to the hospital today.  Nothing serious Dont worry.  But he had been complaining of Chest pains and unusually high stress.  We went to the doctor and they said that it is normal and that he had probably been in the sun too long, they suggested just taking it easy, drinkin lots of water, and staying out of the sun for long period s of time.  I hope he gets feeling 100percent soon, but like I said it doesn't seem to be anything too serious.
Well Time is running low.  I love you all very much.  12 weeks left... sometimes that seems like a lot, others like I'll be done in a few minutes.  In any case I love my mission I am really so much better for doing it and I am so thankful for all that I have learned and how my testimony has been strengthened.  Love you much talk to you next week BYe!

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