Sunday, August 11, 2013

Anguoleme 5

So questions.

Yes we have Pday, Angouleme is just a small city and there isn't much for people to do who don't drink or smoke or watch tv or go to movies, or play video games.  There is stuff to see like old churches and stuff, but we are walking around that all day every day so... I do like Angouleme, it is just more tranquil that Lyon or other places.

yes we have a chapel in Angouleme, it isn't very big, but it is it's own building with a sign and everything.  A really big yard too.

we did get one new ami this week and a couple cool things, I'll tell you more about it in the day to day

Church was good as well, no talks either.

I did not get a suit, there was stuff in my size in Bordeaux, but everything was really picked through, and very few matching suits and pants because in France they sell all the coats in one place and all the pants in another and you have to find the match, so with the size and matching and price and something I liked, There wasn't anything.  I did get some really good looking pointy french shoes though for really cheap.  30 eruos.  I'll keep them looking nice to wear to church at home and everyone will think I'm weird because they are really trendy here, and it isn't something that you can find in the states.  I like them.

I think we are just over 250 missionaries in the mission.  I think it is supposed to cap around 270 ish. 

No the bishop didn't correct the person, at least not in public nor to my knowledge.

I have heard stories of apostasy from other missionaries, not from any of the members.  There was apparently someone trying to start polygamy again... all that fun stuff, but I really don't know the details.

So day to day

Monday:  Took a train to Bordeaux and bought my shoes and then ... that's it ha ha.

Tuesday:  Exchange in Bordeaux, wow, that is the biggest little city I have ever been to.  There are no buildings taller than three stories or so, but it just goes on and on and on and there is no end oto it.  Lots of talking to people, we taught a really gay guy who is the lead singer in his evangelist church band.  Then We took the train back ot Angouleme.

Wednesday:  Went to a little commune called L'isle D'Espagnac which is ... a little town, nothing super interesting malheuresement.  Then we saw Sr; Yodé who is a less active, and her brother was there who isn't a member who is super interested.  We gave him a book of mormon, and he really wants to know more, but he is going to be gone for two and a half weeks GRR, but still that will be cool in the future to see.

Thursday:  District meeting in Bordeaux again.  It went well apparently.  We got a little off track, but I was told people liked it, so fun.  Then we met this guy Fernando who comes from Peru and is way nice and knows the church, we gave him a BOM in spanish and tried to teach him, but he really speaks mostly spanish, and a little french.  I was able to communicate a tiny bit, but we'll need to rely on videos and brochures to teach him.  he was our new ami.  Then we ported into this awesome french family of five who wants to learn more!  We fixed a rdv with them for the next day, but he forgot he had work, so we moved it to tomorrow, so we have lots of hope for that and are hoping that that goes well.

Friday:  Taught Frere menardin with fr humblot for his home teaching.  Then we saw this less active Fr Corga who really opened up to us and really wants to change hi life, he asked us to give him a blessing and he was crying by the end.  Really it was a cool cool powerful moment on my mission.

Saturday:  Well we were going to go to a place called la rochefaucald, but when we got to the gare to buy our tickets, all the trains had been delayed indefinitely... so we went to the busses, and they didn't have the times posted for when the bus was going to leave, so I called the little number thing..; and they are not open on weekends.  So we took that to mean that we weren't supposed to go to la rocefoaucoalded wherever.  We went back to the apartment to organize the papers and teaching records, because they are still in disorder... we have been working on it, but we finally finished it, and we found the fiche of an old ami who we had met last week who told us he was a member, apparently he isn't because he isn't on the ward list and the teaching record said he had never been baptized.  We passed his address and we were able to fix a rdv with him as well.  theat was cool. 

Sunday:  Chuch was good, then we studied and contacted, nothing too big. 

I do feel like things are picking up a little bit here.  I has been less hot because there were some really huge storms the past couple nights.  Huge winds and lots of lighting and thunder. It woke us up and tore down some trees and did some damage.  Monte would have been really scared.

What else?  Our neighbors invited us to dinner Saturday night.  They were out of cheese so we brought some and they used the whole bag... what was for dinner? Pasta and cheese ha ha.  It was still nice.  They got a new cat and a new dog bringing the total to three cats and two dogs.. big dogs, and a 2 month old child.  In less than 100 sq meters.  They are kinda hicks, and they have really foul language, but we prayed with them and invited them to church.. they were not too interested in that.

Did I mention that there is another one of our neighbors who buys us food?  Not enough so that we don't have to shop, but she is very nice old lady, and we get her the ads for the store when we go shopping.  Pretty good deal.  TI is weird being friends with your neighbors, I have hardly seen any of my other neighbors in other cities.

Well I love you all very much.  I need to wrap this up if you want pictures.  The gospel is true.  I'm glad you had a good week.  This is the last week of the transfer, easily the fastest transfer of my mission.  I predict that I am going somewhere else and Elder Cooper is staying.  For some reason.  I feel like I have one more ville in me before I die, and I'd like to spend two in my last ville.  Anyway.  Much love I'll talk to you next week.  Have a great week stay safe!

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