Sunday, August 11, 2013

Angouleme 2

I titled the last email "Alan Alda" because there is a member here that looks just like him, if you added about 10 years and 40 pounds to him, they'd be a spitting image of each other.

Yes I am very happy.  The work is still a little slow here, but we are working on it

We had one new ami, a guy named Florent, he is in his mid twenties, and is addicted to pot. But he is very spiritual, and really has most of the same beliefs as we do, only he uses a different vocabulary.  he said he would like to be baptized, but he wants to read the whole book of Mormon first to really know what he is getting into, which I can respect.

Yes we have a washer and a fan, good thing we have a fan especially because it is hot hot hot here in Angoulême.  Super hot!
We even have a dryer.  which is nice, but it also makes our little apartment really really hot.

I hope I am being a good trainer. We are having fun, but not TOO much fun ;)

Monday:  Did our shopping went around to the stores to look for a suit on solde.  We didn't take much time, and the sales are not really good yet, but still it seemed as if lots of the stores were about half empty.  Angouleme seems to be really hit hard by the economy.  Pretty much everything is closed that is not on the big main street in center ville, and even then there are several empty slots where stores used to be.  It also feels like there are not quite enough people in general to fill the city.  There are lots of broken down abandoned houses.  It has some pretty neat stuff, and apparently tourism does pretty well here. I am not sure why things seem to be failing.       Then we ported this one place, no big news.

Tuesday:  Saw our ami Bruno who suggested we fix a regular appointment once a month... we normally try to see people three times a week, so that is not ideal.  We tried to explain why we want to see him more often than that, but we really only seemed to agree on once a week which is n't ideal, but if he comes to church, it can work. He doesn't seem to be very interested in applying the message, So I hope things go better with him.  Then we had a reatévou and went to  a viewing of one of the members who died our second day here. 

Wednesday:  Contacted a bunch of people, then went to the funeral of before mentioned member.  It was a simple pretty ceremony.  Then Another Raté-vous and more contacting

Thursday:  Zone training in Bordeaux.  We were really late because we had no idea how to get to the church in Bordeaux, and the other people hadn't thought about that... of course we just assumed we would see some people at the Gare, which wasn't the case.  Anyway it was good.  We got home just in time for another rdv where the guy didn't show up.  We went to go contacting by the church, and someone threw an egg at me from their car.  At first I was pretty mad, and started walking really fast to their car... they ran a red light and got away.  The egg didn't stain though, and it makes a good story so I forgive them.      Then we ate dinner and actually had a rdv with a person named florent.  I alerady talked about him.
Friday:  We met our friend Bruno again.  I correct myself, it was actually at this rdv were he suggested meeting us once a month.  Then we had another rdv fall through, and we ported:

Saturday: we had an early rdv where the person didn't show up,    then we saw an active member Fr. Bordichoux.  he is the one who looks like Alan ALda.  Anyway, we talked about his cat and his carreer at the Ritz hotel in Paris and President packer's talk in the last general conference.  Then lots of contacting with not much success.
Sunday:  Church was good.  No amis at church.  One of the people started bearing his testimony on How Elohim meant the head of all gods and such... maybe it was a good thing there were no amis ha ha. During porting that evening we found a pretty neighborhood where people were very nice.  One of the last doors was a woman who was only wearing underwear who came out on her yard to talk to us... welcome to summer in France!  We also got two men in their boxers so I'd say it was a pretty successful night. ha ha this place is rediculous I love this crazy country!
I had a dream last night that we had a big missionary meeting in california, our flight went to SLC and I saw some missionaries getting off the plane, so I thought we had to switch planes. I got off to find that these were just misionaries going home, and I got left behind in SLC.  I didn't hav another flight that went to california until the next day.  The first thing i did was go get mexican food, then I remembered something at home I needed to get.  SO I went home, and you (mom and dad) were watching TV.  I didn't want you to see me because I was still on my mission.  I snuck into my room, got what I needed and went to leave through the garage.  When I got to the garage, I saw a white honda CRV that I somehow knew was for me when I got back (no hints here just letting you know).  I was going to leave when JJ opened the grage coming home in the civic, and then rear-ended the new CRV...; then he backed up and ran into it again... and again.  The noise got you two to come out and see what was happening.  It took you a minute to realize I was there.  After hugs, you went back to watching TV and I left ha ha.  interesting huh?
Today our normal email place was closed, the only other one we were able to find is this gaming place that is pretty expencive, but is very well air conditioned so I like it.  It also has all these game posters everywehre... I am sure JJ would love it.
While We have obviously had some discouragement.  I really feel like I am working harder than I have ever before.  Trying to stay positive and expect miracles.  I am still holding strong, it is difficult, but like you said dad, anything that is worth doing isn't easy.  I love my mission and what it is doing for me.  I know that the chuch is true, and that we can all turn God the source of all truth if we have difficulties or questions. 

Thank you for all you have done for me I love you a lot. 

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