Sunday, October 13, 2013

Perpignan October 7th, 2013

The amis are doing well, and I did send the letter to the primary class.

Monday: We went to a big cathedral, and then looked around the centerville.  And then we visited the big castle in the middle of the city.  It was lots of fun, not super interesting honestly, just lots of empty stone rooms, but still it was fun. Then we slept and did some porting.

Tuesday:  Got our stove fixed so thta it works now.  Then we passed some less actives and got a call from president Roney.  He told us that we would be recieving a new collegue.  Elder Cueva from Spain.  He is here because he already speaks french pretty well, so he did two weeks at the MTC.  Then we cleaned the baptismal font.

Wednesday;  Saw David who is awesome and was so ready for his baptism, then we picked up Elder Cueva from the Gare and did some map work and had our RCM, missionary meeting that evening.

Thursday;  DId contacting, some map work in the apartment' that means putting up all the members on a map of the city so we know where they are  Then we went to a little village and saw the family Faucheux, and Veyrier who were super nice.

Friday:  Weekly planning, I did the baptism interviews for the amis of the sisters Alain and Catherine, they are so cute and excited for their baptisms... I passed them.  Then we taught english class.  and after the baptism of David went super well.  There were lots of people who came.  Elder Castillo and I both talked.  David brought one of his friends Gedimias who said to elder Cueva that he was going to be the next one baptised.  so great!  

Saturday:  a guy came to refix our oven.. we think it should work now ha ha. Then we did some contacting and had general conference at 6 in the evening we saw saturday morning session.  David and Gedimias came.

SUnday:  Conference extravaganza.  Priesthood session was from 11 to 1 in the after noon?.  Then members ate with us at the church in between. Chilli con carne and yellow rice.  Simple but super good.  THen the next session saturday afternoon started at 2h00  then Elder Cueva taught Daniel and his wife (other amis who came) in spanish with a few members while Elder Castillo and I went to teach another person Omar at the University.  They both went well.  They are really cool people.  Then our last session of conference Sunday morning we started at 6H00;  We were able to set up other rdvs with all the amis who came and some less active who showed up.  It was so inspiring nad I recieved lots of answers to my questions.  

I am listening to sunday afternoon right now as i write you.  Later today we are going to see Gedimias and get him a date for baptism, then we are going to a place called Coulier which is a big cathedral on the beach of the mediterranian I hear it is super pretty.  I would love to send photos, but I think that thing you gave me, the usb adaptor has fried.  It hasn't worked in any of the computers I ahve tried the past few times.  I'll show you in three weeks.  Can you believe it three weeks!

I am excited to see you, but don't worry we are busy enought  that I don't have time to get trunky.  I love you very much.  Hope you are happy and healthy.  KEep the faith.  Study the scriptures every day, also as a family!  I'll see you in a bit.  Do you realize you'll only get two more emails from me?  Does that seem weird? ha ha.  Love you lots

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