Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lyon II 11

SO hello everyone. lm Let us get to the questions... I hate it when the people smoke outside the door, because all their toxic fumes come in here.

Happy birthday mother, I am sorry I didn't mention that last email.  I really thought I did though.  Poop sorry.  and happy fathers day father!

Elisabeth... well she has fallen off the face of the earth.  She doesn't answer her phone or her door.  Hopefully her husband didn't beat her up.  That's a very real possibility.  Or she was planning on moving back to Cote D'ivoir, so she could be gone.  It would be more sad if this was thre first time this has hapened, but fairly often it seems really prepared people just dissapear.  Oh well.  If we don't remake contact, she'll get baptised in 10 years or something.  Satan can only win for a little bit

The amis are doing well.  We found a couple more this week, Michelle and Firmin who seem pretty cool.  I won't say they will be baptised next week, but they are cool, and just at the beginnig.  Hocine is away on business, but we did get to see him monday before he left.  He is so cool 5and about 40ish°  Every time I see him I think he is going to be the next stake president.

Yeah I got the debit card.  I need to call some number though to activate it?  Or maybe just go to an ATM, I am not really sure how to go about doing that.

Bordeaux was fun, I'll get to that in the day to day, the plane was an airbus, the company was easyjet, it was a one hour flight, so not bad.  I don't know how many missionaries are in Bordeaux, about three teams I think.  

Yes Transfers are this monday.  I really don't know what is going to happen.  I really only have three transfers left, which is like one week, so they could put me in the worst place in the world and I would be fine with it.  No, i still have lots of time left. I think that I am leaving if I had to guess, because I have this curse where I can only stay with a collegue one transfer, so it's me or Elder Gruber who is leaving.  Of course saying that, I'll probably stay with him another transfer.

Monday:  Taught Michelle, then played ping pong and had a FHE at mario's house

Tuesday:  Zone conference with elder richards.  It was really good.  We had a special leadership thing before which was great.  I'll have to show you my notes on that when I get back, because it was just pure doctrine put so simply.  During the confreence, Elder Richards talked about how the 12 want to start doing misionary work diffrerently.  They say if we stick to the old pattern of knocking on doors, that this potential we have for all these new misionaries will not be fully attained.  Basically it was a call for working more closely with the ward, which is something we have been trying to do before.  but there were some new ideas, some didfferent look on adding to ward councils and sutch.  

Wednesday:  Saw Jonah, that kid just needs to be baptised, he knows it, but he is still holding back;  probably from family opposition... sigh  Then we saw haeven and his family who were great.  By the way this whole week because of zone confrerence, we had an extra two teams of missionaries in our appartement the whole week.  So 8 people.  E Gruber and I split up with them, so I really didn't see my collegue this week ha ha.

Thursday:  Woke up at 3.30 for our flight at 7:00... that was really early, and we were a little rushed, but we got there with out problem.  When we landed, it was pouring rain, so we had breakfast at McD's and studied there.  No they don't really have breakfast in MCd's in France.  the rain cleared up and we explored a little and got lunch.  Then we went to the church (it was me elder Gruber and the other Zone leaders from Geneva, Lausanne and Yverdon, and the Sister trainer leaders from Lausanne (don't ask me what the sister trainer leader is because I don't really know, something new))

((((It is so gross, the second one finishes smoking, another takes his place, so I am just getting constantly hit with toxins and stuff... sigh))))

The conferencd was cool, though there were strikes on the trains, so Elder Richards had to leave before we even got there, and Pres Roney had to leave half way through.  We talked about teaching with simplicity and stuff.

Coming home was what killed us.  We got to the airport two hours early for our flight, because people were paranoid we were going to miss it... only to find out that it had been delayed... five hours.  To make a long story short, we hung out in the airport from 7 to 1:30 in the morning when they started boarding the plane.  When  we got on the plane they said we still had to wait for people to fuel the plane because airports close in Europe at midnight, so they had to call people back.  We landed in Lyon around 3 to find out that there are no trams going into the city (the airport is a 40min train ride from Lyon).  We took an incredibly expencive taxi to our place, and that got rid of all my money.  We got to bed at 4:30

Friday:  Woke up at 6!30  to set a good example for the other elders (because they sleep in if we sleep in)  then we saw the other elders off.  Then we went to the office elders apartment to sleep.  Then we went to bourg to see a very nice member family from England.  It was really weird to see kids speaking english.  We had burgers and fries.  Very american.

Sat:  Litterally all our plans, back up plans, and remade plans fell through.  We contacted all day

Sun:  Church was good.  Saw a catholic guy who gave us a cross as a present, and then went to a member families place with Fabien and some others and had a good FHE dinner thing.

Ok, well I love you all very much.  yes I am still tired from not sleeping all night, and also I slept poorly pretty much the rest of the week because of people snoring, or ... just different things.  I don't think i'll ever recover until I get home, but I am good enough to work so I work.  We contacted 1020 people this week.  We we contacted the second most in the mission. Another team got 1078... we'll get them next week ha ha.

Love you very much.  Drop box is really confusing... i thin I need to use the same comp I did last week, and i am not tere, so I don't know if there will be pictures this wek sorry, but I do really love you.  Bordeaux was cool.  Bordeaux looks like a prettier older smaller  Lyon, except everything is flat.  There are no mountains there.  Stay safe, stay humble.  Do what you know is right.  I'll talk to you next week!

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