Friday, January 25, 2013

St-Etienne 9

Hello.  SO yah, we have to do our emails at the church because the email place is closed for the next couple weeks.  No big, there is only one computer, so we just bring other things to do while one of us is doing emails.  I just learned how to play Le Christ est réssuscité on guitar.  Ok, lots of questions, let's get to them;

Yes I am still physically strong mentally awake and morally straight.  I do weight workouts usually every other day, or on days where I just feel like sitting.  

Yes I got the package you sent to the appart, I wasn't there when they delivered it par contre, so we have to go get it from the post today.  I'm sure I'll love it, so thank you all ahead of time!  I have gotten one card from you for Christmas.  I have also gotten a card from the West's, pleas pass le thankyyou pelase?

Our ward christmas party was last Satuday (two days ago)  It was fun.  The Primary did a little presentation on the reason why we have all of these christmas traditions like a tree and ornaments and such.  They also said it was a tradition in the US to put all fo the cards you recieve on the walls of your home.  I guess the door to the basement counts to, so to show my american pride, I went home and put up the two or three cards I've gotten up on our walls.

Elder Leau is doing great.  French is his first language, and he is very gregarious.  I have never even heard of McHale's Navy, nor elder Leau.

Our Christmas zone conference, or Zone christmas conference will be in Geneva!  i have no idea why, i've heard that president just wants to shake things up, that it makes things easier to distribute our secret christmas gifts (there will be three zones combineds meaning less traveling and lugging presents for everyone)  and I"ve also heard that president has something up his sleeves, but we'll see.  That's this Tuesday.  Again we have zone conferences every mutation which is a six week period, so every six weeks.

So far so good with Melanie, she needs to do a lot this week (see us at least one more time, have her baptismal interview, organize the baptism etc) She is also busy with normal people life stuff, so it is getting to be a nail-biting situation.  Lots of stuff to do in not a lot of time.  Having baptisms is really the most difficult... no most stressful time on your mission, at least for me, because satan does evrery thing he can to make things difficult.  I've had baptisms go very smoothly, but still, it is lots of stress ha ha, and there ahve been a lot of baptisms lately so ;.. lots of stress.  Melanie has been taught here since agust.  I did start teaching Djo and Childric who got baptised a couple weeks ago, so yeah, but everyone else was already being taught when I got here.

Yes, we are still good for Skype the 23rd. The member's house to whom we are going has skype and unlimited overseas calling, so I'll probably give you a call right before I get on skype like the last time, but have the computer on with skype fired up anyway so that it will tell you I'm calling.  I'll probably do it about 4 or 5 in the afternoon here, so that means 8 to 9 in the moring for you guys.  Have your questions ready and you christmas pyjams on!

Monday:  Did some shopping for Elder LEau to get him some new shoes, because he only brought one old pair with him.  Then we cleaned and went to FHE where there were some angry members, but everything seemed to be resolved by the end.  it's a long and boring story.

Tuesday:  Went to Rive de Gier to go looking for a person who had asked to see the missionaries through our website.  We spent the better part of the day and didn't find the address, and he wasn't responding to our calls.  Just as we were waiting for the last bus to take us back, he called us back and we fixed a rdv for that coming thursday.  That evening we passed André a less active who really wasn't all there.  He was talking about how the CNN was mentioning him for setting up the internet in Africa, how he had found how to watch China through his TV, and that he would be gone for a couple weeks in meetings across DC and Bejing.  So yah, we invited him to come to chruch and talked about service and asked him to do service.  He said he does and he diffused the film Finding Faith in Christ to everyone on the internet, so look for that the next time you are on teh internet.

Wednesday:  Saw Djo, who is doing well.  He lost his sister recently and so we talked with him about the plan of salvation and jsut tried to help him out.  THen Rita, we had a good rdv about prayer. After Frère samuel who is making progress little by little.

Thursday:   District meeting.  It apperently went well.  We talked about  Working with members and blah blah blah other good stuff.  Later we went to Rive de Gier again to see our new ami Salvator.  He is a middle aged italian catholic non-practicing and studied (studies?) with the jehova's witnesses.  H thought it was cool how we had a prophet and 12 apostles and wanted to know more about Joseph Smith.  He didn't seem very willing to do much efforts except read and listen, but he is very egar to learn, so I think he can progress well when he gets the spirit kicked in.*

Friday:  Went to Soeur Galetti's house to paint and move wood and other random services.  She had a friend from Mexico with her who was very fun to talk to.  I was able to practice my spanish, then I realized I don't speak spanish at all. soy missionaro de la iglesia de Jesuschristos de los saintos de los ultimos dias, or something like that.  That evening we saw Lisa who is doing awesome and wants to serve a mission.  She says that there are lots of things, most everything in her life telling her not to, but htat she still has a very strong desire to go on a mission.  She is so cool.

Satuday:  Helped wardies decorate for the ward party, did some contacting, and then went to the ward party voilà c'est tout.

Sunday:  Djo was confirmed, that went really well for him.  Then we saw frère samuel again because he left his umbrella at the church, so we sang with him and talked about what we learned at church with him.  Not a bad way to end the week.

I love you all ver veryu  much.  Passez une très très bonne journée!  Que Dieu vous bénisse, et que tous vos shouaits se réalises!  Je vous aime ciao!

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