Friday, January 25, 2013

St-Etienne 10 Christmas

Hi everyone!  So again, we are at the ward doing emails.   Elder Leau is making a paper... tree thing to use in a lesson we'll teach the family Bernardi (the family who invited us for Christmas).  So here is the lowdown for tomorrow.  I think that the bus for coming home from the bernardi house is at about 5h45 in the evening, so I'll probably do the call around 4 o'clock here.  That's about 8 in the moring your time, but it is also likely I could do it earlier than that... so Reveillez-vous!  

Yes I got the packages, and yes I've opened them, and yes I love them.  THank you for the slippers and the salsa, I'm having chips and salsa for lunch =) I loved everything you put in them, and yes I remember it all =)

We have gone caroling, not with the guitar because it is too cold, and I can't move my fingers fast enough when it's cold.  I have played for several members though, and they enjoy it.  BTW, I have learned how to play when the saints go marching  in on harmonica ha ha.

The baptism of Melanie went well, it was in Clermont Ferrand, so I wasn't able to be there (her family lives in Clermont) however, she was very happy to be baptised, so yah that's cool!

Geneve is about ... well it's 40 min to Lyon from here, and then about 2 and a half hours to Geneve.  It isn't the TGV (really fast train) but it's a nice one.
It was fun and refreshing to spend the day in Geneva.  The ward building is even bigger than the one chez-nous (our ward building)  and it even has a drinking fountain, it's really like paradise.

LUndi:  id emails, cleaned and made a roll cake for FHE, then went to FHE

Mardi:  Saw Djo in the morning who is doing much better so that makes me happy:
we also saw Salvator who had so me really good questions and thinks like a JW, but he is sympa
That evening we left for LYon and stayed the night on the hard wood floors of the Gerland equipe's apartement

Mercredi:  Woke up at 4H20 to go to geneva, got to geneva at 8H30.  I noticed switzerland is so much cleaner than France, and much more expencive. For a bus ticket it was 3.50CHF whereas here it is €1.30.  The conference was really really incredible.  President and soeur Roney are both so spiritual and fun.  Just great people!  I have seen videos of other zone conferences while I was at the MTC or on the training videos they have here, and maybe it is just because it is a video, or maybe they take all the good parts out, but they are honestly really boring ha ha.  We are so lucky to have a mission president like President Roney.
THen we left for Lyon and then St Etienne around 5h30 getting home at 9h00

Jeudi:  saw Rita at David's house.  We watched president Monson's address at the Christmas devotional.  However we played it in Russian so she would understand.  I understood the word for Brothers and Sisters, and then I recognized they were talking about a girl at some point, but that's all I've got.  We are going to watch it in french tonight at our little reveillon party (christmas eve).  Later that day we saw Lisa who is doing very well, she wants to serve a mission now, so that will be really exciting!

Vendredi:  Planning for the week, and then we headed out to a little place called Sorbier, so you can check that off on the map.  We were passing a refferal there, it is the good address, but he wasn't there.  So we did some porting, and no one was really interested, but it was a very pretty little town in the hills.  The lady at the Office du tourisme was very nice and gave us a free map of the ville.

Samedi:  Hiked up a mountain to pass this guy we talked to a couple weeks ago, who said to come again, but wasn't there sigh, oh well, good exercize.  THen we saw Collette who is doing well.  her and her daughter.  Latter we passed by David's because he is feeling depressed about his broken cheville... ankel that's it.  THen mostly contacting.  

Dimanche:  Good church service.  Salvator came and I think he was really touched, he was smiling at least, and that's a change h aha .

THen we did studies and our meeting with Frère proffesso.  and yeah, good sunday.  

Ok, well i am totally stoaked to see you guys tomorrow!  Je vous kiff! keep it real.  Have a good holiday.  Elder Leau and I made a paper fireplace in our appartement, so it's nice and warm and homey.  we have also become party planners, to organize this thing for tonight.  I hope it goes well.  Love you lots bye!

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