Friday, January 25, 2013

Neuchatel 1

Hello all, I don't have ... any time, I just read your emails, loved them.  I probably will get time to write latter, so I'll answer questions and tell you about life and all that soon.  In the mean time, mother you called it, I am transfered.  I am going to Neuchâtel and I will be training a new new missionary, so we'll both be new to the area, oh well we'll figure it out.  He will probably (he'll have to be) french or at least European because they aren't letting any more americans in switzerland (oh yeah, Neuchâtel is in switzerland!!!!!!) Except for me because I'm so cute.  I bought a new coat and look really good, so they had to let me in.  Love you à tout!
PS Do you realize that out of my 10 transfers on mission I have been trained or been training for seven of them?  Geeze that's a lot of time in the appartement studying, I guess I'm not bad at it, at least I put the impression upon President that I'm not bad at it.

Hey all, so I am in the mission office I don't have much time still but I'll tell you some things.  Lots of questions:

Elder Leau made the fireplace and the fire, but I colored it blue.... it was mostly him

I forgot why, but I wrote down to tell you about my pets in st Etienne.  There are two dogs that are in the back yard of our appartement building who I give my beef jerky to sometimes.  They'(re cute, I said goodbye to them today.  then there is a black and white cat that will come to me when I call him that lives in the building next  door.  But don't worry monte, there is no replacement for you!

David is a member, but a fairly recent convert who needs support a lot.  We brought food to his place and made it.  Burritos yum.

i didn't get the package, hopefully the other elders are there when the factor comes so they can sign for it, because if not, it is going to be a pain to get, if it is possible.

yes i would like you to send pics from time to time.

yes monopoly was in french

So I spent the whole day today in the gare and at the mission office talkking to the missioinaries who are going home.  It is weird because I have known lots of these missionaaries for my whole misisonand it is kinda hard to see them go, but it's not like thye'( dying or anything.  I haven't even eaten today... I am really hungry.  We are going to stop by bellcour to look for a suit for Elder Handset (my temporary comp) and then eat something and probably just do some contacting.

In Neuchatel, we are oppening a second equipe, so there will be other missionaries there.  I am not the district leader anymore, which I'm not bummed about.  It is not that I didn't enjoy it, but it is just more things to do, and more phone calls to make, and I prefere to just work; Also apparently my equipe will do exchanges with the elders in Bien or some other city that is actually in a different mission.  They are a german speaking equipe, but there are lots of french speakers in the ville, and there are lots of german speakers in Neuchatel, so we do switches often.  Maybe I'll learn a little bit of german, that could be fun =)

Uh, like usual at the beginnin of a new transfer I don't have my planner to give you the day to day.  I bought a new coat... I already told you that though, it is brown grey, i'm not really sure what, but I have been getting compliments all day about it.

Also elder Sorhitze who I will be with (not as collegues, but he'll be in the appartement as well) He goes running in the mornning all the time, so I'm going to make him take me along, so I can get back into the weight loosing mode too.

I am really excited.  I've been in the Rhone Alpes and Provence my whole mission, so I'm really excited to see not just a new country but a new area, it is so diverse in this corner of the world.

I am so lucky to be here.  I LOVE THE LORD  I have been thinking about how I have changed since the beginning of my mission, and I don't think I have been giving myself enought credit.  I have grown and changed so much, I've found out that the atonement is a tool to use to find happyness and awesomness and not just something that happened a long time ago.  My testimony has become Inébranlable because I see miracles every day, and in exercizing my faith, the lord blesses me.

 i hope there was some sense to that.  I really need to go now.  Sorry it's a short email. I'll write a better one next week love you.

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