Friday, January 25, 2013

St-Etienne 12

hello, questions:

Non, I havn't gotten the package yet, but Elder Leau just got one.  A camera from his older sister.  Very nice.  

What did we do for New years?  Well we were at a ward party for a little bit, but we had to be in our appartements early to avoid drunks and such.  So we were in our appartement from 9H00 onward.  It was still fun, we had a bottle of sparkling cider, and played monopoly.  We stayed up until midnight, and our neighboors made lots and lots of noise.  I ate a chocolate.

I feel like I have been in France... all my life really.  It is funny, it feels like I have always been a missionary and my life before is just a dream I had one time.  At the same time, it feels like I will be a missionary forever, and that there is no time left.  If I think about it.  I only have six transfers left, and that ... transfers pass by really really quick now.  So yeah, it is better to just not think about it and work.  Time is really weird on a mission.

Well there were a few cool miracles.  We just got another coordonee from the internet, so we'll see if that goes anywhere.  Then I was talking to a member at church, and he said that he had a neighboor who was asking questions about our church and wanted a book of mormon.  He also said he would see about fixing a rdv with us, so that would be awesome.  The work progresses here, and I'm happy and all that, loosing weight and stuff etc heay! 

I am right now at David's house, we are making lunch for him for letting us use his computer, and so there is lots of noise and smells that are kind of distracting.

Yes I got the card from the buckwalters, could you pass the thankyou for me?

My favorite french food is tartiflette, it is sliced baked potatoes, with bacon bits, melted cheese, a cream sauce and more cheese on top.  quite a heavy plate, but soo so soososo good!  But there are so many other good things.  Elder Leau... he likes vegitables, which I guess is a good thing.  He really eats everything.  

Elder Leau has never been to the US, he went to the MTC in Madrid, for theree weeks because he already speaks french pretty well.  He is going to go the BYU hawaii, so he'll be in the USA before long.

Papa, I would be delighted to have a job at sinet.  Really anything, If I could get a job that is a little bit better than Fry cook, I'll be happy. Have I told you my goal?  Well I'll tell you again.  I want to be 100% autonomic within two years after getting home.  So I'll try to stop beeing a leech on your accounts ha ha.  So yeah, a job at sinet would really be a dream come true.

Monday:  Did our shopping and cleaned and such, helped decorate for the party and then ate really fast, said hello to everyone, goodbye to everyone, and then went home.

Tuesday:  Went to Soeur Galetti's house for the first, it was really good because there was a less active, and his non-member wife, who live far away.  It was really good to be able to talk to them and get to know them.  That took pretty much the whole day

Wednesday:  saw Samuel again, Louissette, and then taught English class.  We started English class again, and we have a good number of people who come, including a non-member family, so we are conspiring to start teaching her etc.  That brings up somthing.  JJ asked me what my favorite thing was, and I think it is actually to teach English, it is so much fun.  Maybe an idea for the future, but I think that it would have to be teaching English as a second language.  it would be really fun to go to New calledonia, hang out with Elder Leau, and teach English there.  But yah, just an idea I had this week.

thursday:  saw David, helped him with something, then samuel, this is a different samuel, he is a member from Africa.  He wants to learn the piano, so we started teaching him.  Again it's really fun to teach that, even though it is Elder LEau who does most, because i've already taught him pretty much all I know about music.

Friday:  Saw samuel our ami, then Salvator which was a real miracle lesson, because he thought that he was well informed on mormons, and that ... voila it was done.  At the end of the rdv, in following the spirit, he was touched and agreed to come again to church and to keep seeing us to appy our message etc.*

Saturday:  Saw Alain who is a less active kid of 15 years.  He came to church this week.  He is cool and likes all the video games I played before the mission, and listens to all the same music, so we get along really well.  He's a good kid, he wants to get the priesthood this year and go to the temple.  those are his resolutions, so that's really great!

Sunday:  great day at church.  Almost all of the converti recents were done, then we did our planning, and did some less-active passbacks.  All of them that we passed had moved... clear them off the list.  However we did get a ride  from a nice musilm guy.  I thought what you would say mother if you saw me getting into a car with a stranger in the evening when it's dark outside.  Don't worry we're protected, and he was very nice and saved us a lot of time finding the addresses.  he wasn't interested to learn more tough. Oh well, he'll be blessed.*

Love you all very much.  Soyez sage. We are going to eat burritos, but I think I'll be able to send some pictures.  Ciao.

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