Friday, January 25, 2013

Neuchatel 2

Hey everyone;  so, I do not have much time, I am at a library computer, and I basically need to go when someone else comes here because i've already been logged on longer than I should.  I loved your emails.  The keyboard is different here in suisse, so i'm typing really slow; 
The appartement is really great, big and clean, Elder soarhitez (half french half american) and elder carré(french) our roomates are really awesome;  Elder Ihalmo (ee-hall-moe) is funny and finnish.  his French is great for someone who has only been speaking for a month and a half, but he wants to be perfect now. 
The trip here was crazy.  We had to run from the office to the trainstation with all our bags,  we just barely made the train to geneva.  I left my carte 12-25 in the mission office (something you need to be on the train) so I was freaking out;  I yent to talk to the guy and he said it was OK and checked me off so that was a nice blessing;  When we arrived at Geneva, we had no idea when or where our next train was.  While Elder Jensen and I were looking (we were travelling with him and his comp to Lausanne) Someone tried to steal Elder Jensen's bag with 600€ in it and almost did it.  Thankfully I saw the guy as he was bending down to grab it, and I yelled at him and he ran away (pretty cool right?) 
So then we find out E ihalmo's and my train is in four minutes.  Ye ran ran ran to the train with our six heavy bags and got on really a second or two before the doors shut.  We got to Neuchatel... no phone almost no money, people were speaking German or weird french, and the person who was supposed to pick us up wasn't therte.  After a 20 minute panick attack of what todo, he finally did arrive.  we got to the apparteéent to find out that we were sharing it with another equipe (I didn't know there was another equipe there).  I then asked the member some things about neuchatel, thinking he was our DMP.  I was soon informed that we weren't even assigned to work in neuchatel, but our real city is a place called Bienne, a thirty minute trainride to the east. What?
Really a big surprise;  I was even more surprised when I went to Bienne, and found out that everything, I mean everything is in German.  the city of Bienne is about 60% german speaking and less than 40% french,  It is actually shared with the Alpine Swiss mission.  There are german elders who live there and are assigned to the German ward.  We have a very small french branch of 30 or so, and it looks like lots less because we meet in the same building as the big german ward.  The memvers are reallzy great however, they have already introduced us to a bunch of people who we are teaching now;  There is one Gervain who already has a baptismal date.  It has been about a year since there were french missionaries in Bienne, and a few years since they had french missionaries dedicated to bienne;  It is fun;  It is much different.  ich nebeh dich buch van mormon and all that jazz,  I've already picked up a little german (very little) 
OKm I'm being kicked off now:  love you much;  We'll go someyhere else for emails next week so I am not as rushed. 
PS it is really really really expencive here;  77franks for the train ticket and 26 franks for the bus;  and that is every week.  They^ll get us a better pass soon;;; I hope:  love yzou

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