Tuesday, December 11, 2012

St Etienne 8

Ok, howdy-do everyone?  Good? Good.  I had a great week, and next week will be full of Gratin (it's food) so I'm sure that'll be good too.

So Getting on with the questions : 

Attention listening to St-Etienne radio, they play lots of songs in English, and they don’t bleep the swear words.  I know because they play the radio in the buses, I’m not going and listening to it T’inquiète. 

I have one pair of shoes that I cannot wear while it’s raining or snowing because my feet get wet .  The other pair works though, so I just switch depending on if it’s wet outside or not

I think that the days of Ted Johnson are gone.  He is in Maryland for the holidays, and with the Mission president in Lyon now, missionaries don’t spend much time with him anymore.  Probably for the best, he kinda makes missionaries trunky

I got a Christmas card from the Spencers, if you are reading this thank you !  If not, could you pass the thank you parents ?  I also saw your package at the mission office, but they are hiding it from me until this zone conference.  I think we are going to have some sort of special zone conference Christmas fun time thing.

Yes my new colleague is cool.  You say his name « lei (like the hawaiin necklasse) ah-ouu » so again « lei-ah-ouu ».  He is from New Caledonia an island just north of New Zealand .  It is a French Territory, so he is french and speaks french natively.  He understands English really well if you speak slowly, but we have just talked almost exclusively in French the past few days.  It is really great for my comprehension and such.  He has been a member all his life, his mother was a member all her life, and his father was a convert… is a convert.

Yes pizza hut is the same here as it is in America only smaller and more expensive. Quite a nice treat that I have only had once, ne vous en faites pas !

Ok,  what is a district leader ?  I am in charge of a district (bin évidement) and I do exchanges with all the other members of my district.  A district is several équipes of missionaries.  I have it easy because in my district, it is only us and the équipe at Clermont-Ferrand.  There is also the Couple missionaries, but I don’t do exchanges with them.  A zone is a group of several districts.  I do exchanges with the zone leaders as well.  I also make a lot of calls, and I lead the district meetings, of which there are two a transfer.  I also think there is some meeting before zone conferences I go to.  It really isn’t a lot of responsibility .  So yeah, that’s it as far as I know, I guess I’ll figure out more as I go .

Something really cool that happened this week, well two things.  First Melanie (a girl we are teaching) agreed to be baptized the 23 of December !  So that will be really fun.  It was really after just a miracle of a rdv.  I asked her what she thought of baptism, and she said that she had thought a lot about it and that she wanted to be baptized the 23rd, we (Elder Leau and I) had planned earlier to invite her to be baptized the 23rd, so yeah really cool.

The other big cool thing is I got a cool pacific islander french speaking colleague

The third big cool thing is that while I was in Lyon getting him, I was waiting at the office, and the office elders handed me my Swiss legality card.  I asked why they were giving it to me, they said I was going to need it .  I said that it expires in a few days so what’s the point, they said they just renewed if for the next year !  I wonder where I’ll be going !  I’m so excited !

I also was able to see Julie, Sephora, and Patricia loango while I was in Lyon.  They are the family that I taught who got baptized, really I couldn’t have asked for a better week !

Ok, I am out of time.  Love you all très fortement, keep the faith, it is much better that way, and much more fun.  I love you all again, have wonderful lives. I’ll send pics later bye.  Also, send me more pictures =)

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