Tuesday, December 11, 2012

St Etienne 6

Hey everybody. It was really nice to hear about your trip, I hope you get home safely.  If you want to think of something fun, my flight to France was 8 hours, so when you land in salt lake, you can imagine being in the plane for another two hours;.. fun fun ha ha.  I remember it added up to 24 hours of travel time, and I was the most exausted I'd ever been.  I didn't sleep for a period of about 36 hours.
Anyway, I also liked your comments about prayer and thinking dad.  It reminds me of the quote by ... Ford "Thinking takes work, that's why many people don't do it"  something like that anyway.  We try to teach people simple things in the road like how to pray etc, so even if they don't take the lessons, they at least have learned something that will bring them closer to God.

No black friday doesn't exist here. They do not have thanksgiving either if you were wondering ha ha.  Mostly the only time they have big sales is in late January and August.   

For thanksgiving, we had a zone conference, so we ate thanksgiving lunch with the zone, I'll tell you more in the day to day

My hair is getting a little long, and with the humidity it curles on the sides, but I still try to look like a missionary, but I need a haircut soon.

Our amis are doing great, only they are all being baptised, so we don't have many left.  There will be two more baptisms this coming sunday Djo and Childric (sheild-rick).  After them, we don't really have any progressing amis, but we'll have pleanty of time to go looking for them.  

I haven't put on my baptism pants yet, but I figure they are too big like my other suit pants, but they will still work if I need to use them
I didn’t mention visiting the mine because we went that Monday after emails.  St Etienne used to be a big mining city for … charbon… what is that in english coal.
Thank you very much Burce and Robin for the tie, I really like it, it looks good with my coat =) 
(16 minutes left, let’s see if we can do it)
Monday :  Went to the museum of the mine, very fun, I actually understood everything the tour guide said so i twas also very educational and stuff.  Then FHE

Tuesday :  Saw Djo, Louisette, Childric, and Lisa, they are all doing well and progressing nicely.  We did pick up a new ami Morgan who has met with the missionaries before, but he has already dropped us. 

Wed :  Oh, this was the day we saw morgan, and then he dropped us the next day.  Then Frère samuel, and did some calls and passed some less actives .  No BIG miracles, but still not unenjoyable.

Thursday :   Went to Lyon for zone conference.  The president wasn’t there, but ça va, we had a great conference  and learned about this new game we are going to play with members to see who they knwo who needs the gospel.  Then for Thanksgiving lunch, we had Chickens (turkey is too expencive for 30 young people) , Yams, green bean cassorole, lemon cake, salad, stuffing made with baguettes (amazing !!!) and normal baguettes, and I made mashed potatos that everyone liked,  at least they told me they liked them.  Also we found gravy mix in our appartement which everyone loved because they don’t do gravy here.  It was an american mix that must have been sent in a package, probably for last thanksgivning
That evening we saw childric again.

Friday :  Helped the family Mejan move, or rather cleaned out thier new apartement.  Then saw David, Bila, Lisa, and the family Bertrand.  Had a kebab to celebrate thanksgivning with David because he wanted to.

Saturday :   passed a guy we found porting who told us to come back another day.  Passed a less active in the village next to us St jean bonnefonds.  Frère samuel, Sœur gadrasse, and then helped David again because he was having depression issues.

Sunday :  Great Sunday.  Lisa asked me to confirm her, so I was able to do that during sacrament
Narcisse came, but he saw the bouncer and didn’t come in and left after a couple minutes  Then we did weekly planning because we hadn’t had time to do it earlier.

Today will probably be spent looking for Christmas presents for you guys, so get ready !  That’s really all. 

PS if you want to email me pictures of you to that would be appreciated.
The lights are up, but they haven’t been lighting them yet, and honestly they don’t look ver impressive. Not to be a downer.  Maybe it is just because St Etienne isn’t a very touristy place… But there weren’t any lights in Lyon for what I saw.  But, if you come here around new years, Lyon does this light show that is INCREDIBLE  I saw videos of it from other missionaries and it is really spectacluldar.

Love all of you keep the faith  Stay groovy à next time !  

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