Tuesday, December 11, 2012

St Etienne 5

Que pasa tout le monde?  quesions:

I don't think it would be a very good idea to sing to newcomers in the ward... people already think we're a secte (cult) ha ha.  And don't you remember I am not in Avignon anymore mother?

The amis are doing great, yes Lisa got baptized yesterday.  It was really a great ceremony very touching.  She asked me to give a talk on the Saint-Esprit, and I think that went well. 

(there is some frustrated Moroccan yelling in Arabic right next to me, and it is rather unsettling ha ha.

Yes I am doing good with the weight mother T'inquiète!  

Yes we'll be able to skype for christmas, The family Bernardi invited us over for Christmas, I've already been to their house and they have a webcam and everything.  Also, don't worry about the cost, skype is free... the version we will use.

Yes we take the train to Lyon.  it is a little thing that takes about 40 minutes, but if there wasn't so much traffic in Lyon it would probably take 25 minutes.  I was able to really go around the ville again and talk to people because we had a lot of time for the Anderson thing, and I realized that Lyon is a huge city!  So many folies of people.

The Arab seems to have calmed down, but he is still yelling into his telephone... no now he's worked up again.

Do I think it would be better to go home then come back or just have you come get me?  Well what I would prefer would be to come home and then go back.  The France is beautiful during the fall, but the Christmas lights are not up in any of the villes I have been in.  I would really like to be released if you come to get me, other than that, it wouldn't bother me too much, just know that right at the beginning of November, it is cold, and vacation has just ended, so there aren't a lot of tourists, but lots of things are closed too.  Still the thing I would prefer is to just come home and be home for a little season ha ha.  I'm sure we'll talk more about that during the skype call.  Plus, if you come and get me, and Travis goes home, I won't be able to see his homecoming!

Monday:  We had haircuts, shined shoes, and basically sat around the apartment.  I am learning... angels we have heard on high on the piano.  I can get the top hand, but not quite the bottom hand.  FHE was fun, and everybody got along.

Tuesday:  got to Lyon at 9 in the morning and then got to the chapel where the zone conference would be by 9h30... the conference started just after 2 o'clock, so we were a little early.  We, and other missionaries who were there, went to go get brunch. I had a brioche au jambon, basically a ham and cheese sandwich which was really good.  Zone conference was incredible. Elder Anderson just has an incredible spirit that just surrounds him.  He didn't give a very high energy "lets go get em boys" talk, it was very calm and quiet.  About the leadership of the church in France, and his time as a missionary and mission president in Bordeaux.  Then at the stake thing latter he gave another powerful, but very calm talk about first marriage, then about how he doesn't know why the church isn't growing as fast here than in other parts of the world, he doesn't know why we have trials sometimes, but he does know that the church is true, and that's all that really matters.  Lots about if you are discouraged, know the church is true, and know that that is all that really matters.  He gave the second talk in French, he spoke really well.

Wednesday:  We spent Tuesday night at one of the equipe's apartments with six other missionaries in a sleeping bag on the floor.  not the greatest night's sleep, but not as bad as I thought it would be.  I was starting and exchange with Elder Smith, so I went back to Clermont Ferrand instead of St Etienne.  A couple missionary equipe who are also at clermont drove us back.  Elder and sister Jeffries are wonderful incredibly nice people... who really... REALLY love castles.  Our originally 2 hour car ride turned into an over 4 hour road trip across the back country of Auvergne looking at a couple really beautiful striking chateau and castles.  I would have felt more guilty about taking that much time, but if we had taken the train it would have got us at clermont about a half hour later than we actually did get there, so I guess it did save time;.. and I'll admit it, I had a lot of fun.  I'll send you some pictures later today when we are at the church.  (I can't send them in the internet café)  Once we got to Clermont, we did some contacting, and then Had a dinner/lesson with a partial member family.  The lesson was actually one of the most spiritual I've ever been in.  Elder Smith is a really good teacher for only being in the field a couple months.  The one daughter who isn't a member is totally going to get baptised, it's only a matter of time.  For dinner we had pumpkin soup to start, followed by snails and froglegs (both incredibly good!)  Then a beef stew with rice for the main course.  Then we went home and slept... exhausted.

Thursday:  Elder Brady and Elder Smith's companion (Elder Turley... not tulley) got to clermont around 8h30ish.  Elder Smith and I went out contacting, and to get train tickets.  There were some crazy people setting off explosives in the road, nothing destructive, but it was really loud.  Tons and tons of people with flags and banners blasting music;.. it was quite frightening, but the police were there, so I guess it was something approved or surveillé. Anyway E Brady and I hopped on a train at 11H30 for St Etienne, getting back around 1H30. We ate, saw Childric who is progressing well. then cleaned the baptismal font, did some calls, and went home to eat again ha ha;

Friday:  Conti family, Louisette, Frere Samuel, Sr. Gadrasse, then making cookies for the baptism, full day running around the city

Saturday:  Went to the Bernardi's house, the people who invited us for Christmas.  A cute family, the parents are around 30 and they have three little boys who are really cute, and do everything their parents tell them not to ha ha.  Because of awkward bus times, and the distance, we have to spend most of the day there, but there is plenty of work to do.  We chopped and organized wood, made a chicken coop, found and caught the chickens to put into the coop, build a fence and at the same time catch the chickens again because they escaped, and other fun stuff like that.  Really just like any day on the farm ha ha;  For dinner we had... I forget it's name, but its a potato and carrot stew with a special kind of cheese.  Really good, then we had roast beef and potatoes and veggies... and more snails score!  Really really good.  Then we taught Melanie and went home

Sunday:  Good day at church, confirmed louisette, then after the baptism of Lisa!  Narcisse came to the baptism, but people caught him before he even came into the building and escorted him off... sigh  but other than that everything went well.  Lisa invited a ton of people, and all the members were running around placing book of Mormons.  really a good time.

So that's it.  Fun week!  I'm loving life here, the mission I also just got word that Didier who I taught in Avignon got baptized!  Le champ blanchit déjà pour la moisson (DandC 4)  I AM SO HAPPY.  I love you to parents and brother, and Bruce and Robin, have fun in Hawaii be safe, remember that this is the true church , and no sacrifice is too great.  Ne continuons nous donc pas dans une si grande cause?  Peace!!!!

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