Monday, March 19, 2012

Lyon 2/20/12

   THIS EMAIL IS FROM FEB 20th, 2012 so is out of order... FYI

Hello family and friends!  So you can stop worrying, I checked my account, and it was just my ... What's it called, not the checking, or savings, the other one.  Anyway, Wellsfargo takes a monthy fee out of there, and all my money was in my other accounts, it was only $10 in the hole, so all is well again.  I actually have only spent about 10 dollars on that card since I went to the MTC.  Everything is paid for except if you want to buy extra things like suits and stuff. I still have all my money.  OK, lets start on the questions:

    I will probably be in Lyon until April, definitly until March 25, that is the end of our transfer.  Elder Bell will probably leave in March, because he got here a transfer before me (a transfer is 6 weeks).  Usually you stay in an area for 2 to 3 transfers, but people still get transfered after 1 or stay for 4.  

    Elder Bell is our district leader, our district includes us, another elder équipe, a sœur équipe, and a senior couple.  Elder Bell and I do exchanges with the other pair of elders (not the soeurs or the senior couple ha ha) then the Zone Leaders do exchanges with us.  Those happen a few times a transfer, and we have one Zone conference a transfer (every 6 weeks).  Our zone is made up of about 4 districts roughly the same size as ours.  Also Elder Bell calls the Elders and Soeurs each night, and gets their numbers for the week on Sunday.

    The package got here wednesday I believe.  Thank you so much!  The Jerky was well appreciated, Edler Bell loves the mangos (but please don't send more too much sugar and carbs c'est trop lourd!), and the pictures are perfect!  I don't think I need anything else at the moment, except any healthy recipie ideas you have that you can just email me.

    This week was a little bit rough.  Elder Bell had a fever most of the week, so we didn't get to do much (he is feeling better now).  Our amis (Julie and her daughters) who are supposed to be baptised this coming sunday didn't come to church, and all we have heard from them since is a text saying they want "a couple days of reflection for a big decision" so that could be a serious situation (un situation grave) or not, if they don't call us by tomorrow evening we are going to give them a call.  

    On the other hand, the weather is much nicer.  It has been raining, but it is almost warm when the sun is out.  Lyon isn't quite as picturesque as you would thing southern France would be, but there are some places that really take your breath away.  
    Anyway, things are progressing, I really am starting to understand the people... sometimes ha ha.  Even  when I can understand the words, they don't always make sense.  For instance I tried talking to someone on the side of the road the other day, I introduced myself and said we have a message about an eternal family, and how his family has blessed him.  His answer: "Désolé, désolé, il y a un mystique je peux pas vous entendre!"  Translated: "sorry, sorry, there is a misquito, I cannot hear you!" so I spoke up, and he just walked away ha ha.  I even asked Elder Bell to make sure I understood right, and he said I had... interesting...

   Ok, well that's really all for this week.  Remember everyone who sent me a letter in the MTC and has not recieved a response:  if you want a response, you must email me because I don't have your address  

    Je vous aime tous, gardez la foi!  Je vous virai le lundi prochaine!

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