Monday, March 19, 2012

I am my Father's Killer?

 I first want to explain the subject title for this email.  When you get to your mission area, you are "borne", when you are done with your mission you "die", Your last companion before you die is your "killer" and your trainer is your "father".  Elder Bell finally told me yesterday that he will be dying at the end of this transfer (25 Mars 2012). I had suspicions that he was going to die, but like I said, it wasn't until yesterday that he actually told me.  So I am actually going to kill my own father... 
    Now on to questions!

    In our appartement we have a microwave, stove, oven, sink, and washer (because there is no other place to put it), we also have several pots and pans, but only one that works decently.
    Thanks for the advice of what to eat.  I kinda knew that it was just basically veggies and meats, but meat is pretty expencive...well everything is expencive here, but meat is really expencive.  Usually we have frozen hamburgers or hotdogs for meat.  You want to try to only spend about €20-€25 per week per person, because you will run out of money if you spend more than that.  If we are not at a members for a meal (we usually have one or two member meals a week... I'm sure that will change when I move to a branch with 20 members) I usually eat fruit (apples, oranges, lichis) vegitables (brocoli, carrots, lettuce) and the meats meantioned above.  However I am still loosing weight.  The new grand total since I recived my mission call is 65 pounds lost (~31kg)!  
    For exercizes I usually just do pushups and sit ups and hand weights.  When it gets a little warmer, we'll probably go jogging or something.
    The soups were delicious!  I have those often too, but they are only so so here.

    All the papers are talking about the death of Whitney Houston... our neighbor has decided to dedicate the week to her by blasting "I will always love you" every ...Single ... Night... and they are playing it in the computer place right now ha ha.

    In other news, we have finally heard back from Julie and her family.  She wasn't baptised yesterday, but it sounds like everything is still good with her.  She does have a personal issue that I won't say because it is her business, but she is talking to us again, and still has a strong testimony!  Christophe is... Not yelling at us anymore, but he still isn't interested in talking.  ...Sigh ha ha, but the work still continues. 

    I actually had a really cool experience in church the other day.  In the rules they tell us that we are not supposed to complain about anything or anyone, but I think I can say that last week was kinda poopy because of what was going on with our amis and other stuff and blah blah blah.  Anyways, right after church, we had a baptism for the Gerland Elders (they are in another area of Lyon, but the baptisms take place in our ward because we are the only ones with a font).  I don't have too much time left, so I am going to just sum this up.  I was talking to a lot of people, and i could understand every thing they were saying to me! It seems that over this week my comprehension of French has really gotten better.  I was happy and I got a huge feeling of love from Heavenly Father, because I know he is helping me.

    Another cool story:  I went on exchange with Elder Tahannawakkamakka-moo (something like that) this week.  He came to our area, because Elder Bell had to do the baptismal interview with the Gerland elder's ami, so I was the leader.  I had to find the busses, call people, set up stuff for tomorrow, and all that jazz, and to top it off, Elder T-moo has only been out a tranfer or two longer than me, his French is pretty good, but not perfect, and he doesn't speak a word of English.  I really know I was helped by the Lord (1) because I did it all (2) because the lessons we had were pretty good (3) we only got lost once for like half an hour.  That was really a ... growing experience... I think I have several gray hairs now though ha ha.

    Ok, well my time is up.  Je vous aime tous!  Je sais que le seigneur me guide toujours parce que je vais mourir sans lui. Alors, à la prochaine tout la monde, et souvenez bien de m'envoyer les colis!  

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