Monday, March 19, 2012

Lyon 3/5/12

Hello everyone!  How are things going?  Pretty good for me... ok, like always, I am a little pressed for time, so here are the answers to this week's questions:

    Yes I write in my journal most days, I sometimes miss a few, but I have made it a goal to at least write someing every day for my 20th year of life... 20 ew, that' so old!

    Our appartement is heated by three little electric heaters.  However, we haven't used them in a while because it has been BEAUUUUUUUUtiful here this week.  Just warm and sunny, and the whole world seems a little bit happier.

    Yes I'll remember my robe.

    By French ami, I am assuming you mean Pascal.  He is good, still comes to church every week, but the French have this thing of thinking they are busy all the time when they really are not.  He is very difficult to see during the week even though he has no job, and really nothing else to do but go see the doctor and his dad.

    You guys are already planning on sending another package!?!? wow, well if you do, Those soups were really good, and I like to chew gum while we study (we can't chew it out of the apartement), also deoderant, because the deoderant here is absolutley discusting, like this roller ball thing that just goops up your armpits.  You have to wipe yourself down every time you use it. and jerkey... that's another thing that doesn't exist here.  Elder Bell and I finished the last bag about three days after we got the package.  Also I do miss mexican food, but I don't know how you would send that.

    Now for the news here.  There honestly isn't much because Elder Bell has been sick all week.  I am totally fine, but we took him to the doctor a couple days ago, and they said there is something wrong with his liver.  We are going to see the specialist today with President Murdoch.  I think Elder Bell is worried that he will get sent home early if whatever he has takes more than a couple weeks to get better.  We really won't know anything until the rendez-vous today, so I will tell you what is up tomorrow.  Because Elder Bell has been sick, it has basically been a lot of sitting in the apartement.  But there still are a couple miracle stories.

    Thursday, I was able to go out and work on an exchange with the Gerland Elders.  I was leading this one again, but my exchange companion is American so that was less of a stress.  I thought maybe we would pass our recent convert Bright, so I went to get my english scriptures.  Then I thought that there is a 98 percent chance he would be working today, so I just packed my french scriptures.  Then I just thought I would throw in one of our english give away BOMs if he was there by any chance.  We got there, and Bright was at work, but his friend Paul was there.  We asked if we could speak to him instead, and he let us in.  We taught him the first lesson.  I remember Elder Duncan (who I was with) asked him what he thought about the Joseph Smith story.  His response was, "I think it is true".  It was really cool, and we were able to give him that Bom I put in my bag.  I am sure that was the spirit that told me to pack it.  I am just glad I listened!

    Lastly, lets have the weightloss segment.  The suit Ted gave me still fits nice, but it is getting a little loose.  Since recieving my call, total weight lossed is 73lbs!!!  Only about 30 more to reach my goal!  I really feel great physically, and I really think it helps me in my missionary work to not be sweaty, gross, and out of breath when I talk to people.  I will try to throw some pictures on, so I'll close my email here.

    Love you all, thank you for the emails.  There really are people here, even in France waiting to hear the word of God!

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