Monday, March 19, 2012

Aix-en-Provance 2

Ok, so it takes forever for the images to load onto this computer, so I am going to attach them now, so they can process while I write, I hope I don't overload the email. 
If I remember which ones I put, that is me at the only Mexican restaurant in France pointing to a utah state licence plate, next is me and elder Kirkpatrick, and lastly is the whole group of us that went on a hike today for our P-day activity.  I'll see if I have time to send more photos after this.

questions answered:
Yes I am teaching French people now.  So far almost all of our amis are French french, Spanish, or Some other European country.  There are a lot of universities here, so we teach a lot of students.  
I am honestly not sure if that restaurant is by us.  There is a lot of construction just behind us, and we are close to a really groovy-looking library.
I was wearing Elder Quezada's glasses in the pic last week.  He is pretty much blind.  I think I have enough contacts for my whole mission. at least enough for more than a year.
I don't know what the liting of omy coat was with Elder Bell
I actually have not cut my hair yet in France... I really need to do that today or next week. A lot of times Elders cut their own hair, or find some place cheap.  We have clippers in the apartemement... Not sure what I'll do yet.
I have gained three pounds since coming to aix, but I am still shrinking, try an answer that one... anyway, the blue suit Ted gave me is now loose on me.
Our apartement is really tiny, about 90ish sq. ft. Not exaggerating, but it is new and easy to keep clean... I barely fit in the shower haha.

We did a Randonnée today ( a hike).  SO much fun, to a 12ish century abbey.  It is very cool, and lots of fun.  My face is burnt.  
Aix is still amazing!  Sunny and great, and our amis are soo freakin cool.  We have three that are preparing for baptism the 7th of Avril. 

Cool Miracle: I saw a guy on the road and really felt like we should talk to him.  So we did, and he was actually pretty interested, and we should be seeing him in a couple of days.  Even more cool is he is russian!  It is really nice when the Lord sends you people who want to listen.  

Transfers are next week, and it is not out of the question that I will get a new companion even though I have only been here a week and a half.  Elder Kirkpatrick has already been here for 6 months, and that is usually uncommon comme même.  So we'll see.  

Ok, well I am honestly out of time, so Love you and I will see you next week!


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