Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Aix-en-Provance 4.9.12

Hello, hello, we welcome you today.  Starting with the questions:

    Yes I am exercising, 50ish pushups and 200 ish situps every morning... usually every morning ha ha.  We do not have a scale at our apartment, but I have very little belly left so that's good.  And keep up the exercising JJ! Being in shape is sooo much freaking better than not.

    No I am not eating the best.  I usually only eat at meals, but I also have bread at most meals and chocolate ha ha.  We got a bunch of chocolate for Easter from the members. However, the meals I have are good.  Spinach salad, with just a little oil and vinegar (and this aroma sauce that makes it soo delicious, I'll send you some.) and carrots, and haricots, which I don't know the word for in english. yeah good food.  Elder Harris knows how to cook too :)

    French is coming along very well.  I usually only have some trouble understanding people when I am really tired, and it is hard to focus... or if they are drunk.
    Yes, still on bunk beds, though I am on the bottom now, so that is nice.

    We have a bus pass, but mostly we walk everywhere.  My hair is pretty sun-bleached now, and it looks really good.  However, it is much much too long for a missionary, so we are going to get haircuts today... sometime. I have not got it cut in France yet, so ...  yeah it needs to be cut.  

  Is Kevin really already going to the MTC? He only got his call last week right? That is Crazy.  Tell him to send me a letter! ha ha.

   That is interesting about the healthy kids if France.  I would say here that people do generally eat better, but there are plenty of McDonalds, and plenty of over-weight people here as well.

   It is funny when you put in your emails about how you saw this movie the other day... for example, with the Mirror movie (here it is called Blanche Neige) the advertisements for it just came out (there are posters all over the city, I am not watching TV, just so you know) I suppose it comes out latter because they have to redub everything.  

    This week has been OK.  We don't really have many amis at the moment.  Eva was confirmed yesterday, so that was really cool, and we got to talk to her family (father and mother and brother) after church, and it seemed like they were all very touched, and it sounds like they are coming to church next week, although they would not give us a straight answer.  Still, it is the beginnigs of an eternal family!  

    Sero our ami who could have been baptized has fallen off the face of the earth without explaining why, so that is really lame.  Then there is Pilar who just needs a cheaper apartment to pay tithing (we're working on that), then Clair who is a really cool depressed catholic atheist (yes all of those things) she makes us exotic teazanes) She is progressing, but she is gone for the week somewhere. Then there is Micheal a cool Brazilian here for school, who has a lot of potential if he is not gay (we are not sure) He loves religion, and what he has read in the BOM and has a baptismal date for the 12 mai.  And that is all our amis... that is not a lot.  We do have a couple others, but we don't see them very often, and are close to being dropped... sigh.  Oh, well, at least the weather is still good.

    That is all for now.  Send me letters if you love me!  I promise I'll write you back! ha ha Anyway, stay safe, and have a lovely week.  Til next time, PAIX MONDIALE! 

Oh, also, The only computers left in the internet café don't have working SD card  ports so no pictures today... Sorry, but next week there should be bowling party pictures! (that should be today's activity)

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