Monday, April 30, 2012


Hello everyone.  The title of this week's email is snails because I had escargots for the first time yesterday, and I took a video, so I will send that to you as soon as I get some sturdier envelopes.  It was really quite good, tasted like a muscle with butter and garlic.  I am keeping one of the shells as a souvenir, it is really quite pretty.
questions... answers:
    Elder Johnson and his wife are missionaries in marseille, they were in Aix with thier kids having fun because I guess you can do that as a senior couple.  I was doing soimething called streetboarding, which is where we set up a big paneau (poster board thing) on a tripod, and talk to everyone you see.  I got a few contacts from that. Dragant les filles sera si façile quand je rentre. 
    No I have not seen any cezannes that I know of.  Some weird modern art, and some cool statues.  Aix has an énorme fountain that we pass usually daily.  Lots of nakedness here... it is a little akward.
    They probably sell perfume here, I have not seen any shops in specific.  Elder Bell bequeathed me some of his "$1 million " collogne which smells really good. 
    Eva's familly is doing really well.  The parents know it is true, the mother just needs to stop being lazy (which she is doing some stuff like reading and praying now), and the father needs  to learn that he has got to do things God's way and not his own.  HE wants to diffuse the Liahona and sell it in normal magazine shoppes around France.  It is interesting.... They will come around eventually though.
    Transfers are this week.  I will know friday if either of us are going.   I really doubt it though.  Probably, I am going to stay here in aix at least another transfer.  I could stay here even longer and I would like it.  One thing that might be happening though, is our equipe could inherit the car.  There are two equipes (teams) of missionaries in aix, and the other one has a car, but Elder Baret is dying this transfer, and Elder Park is not legal to drive... Neither is Elder Harris, so Elder Crossman might have to learn how to drive stick.  I am torn between wanting it and not... It could help in lots of ways, but then you have to wash it and keep it clean and find parking and buy gas... and then you actually have to drive it.  I did find out that I will be most likely driving at some point in my mission because I have swiss legality.  That means I can get a swiss drivers license which is less than a hundred euros, and then I am good to drive all throughout europe my entire life... so that is kind of cool.  The French permits only last a year, and then it costs several thousand Euros to get a licence, and it lasts for 10-20 years. 
    Muslims are usually nice... they just want to convert you to muslimism.
    That is really all.  We did have a cool miracle the other day.  A random guy called us and said he had taken the missionary lessons in the past but he was really busy, but now he has the time.  We are seeing him tomorrow morning, and I'll tell you how that goes.
    Ted's suit is now loose on me.  The coat is really loose, and the pants are around an inch or two too much.
Peac y'all til the next time.

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