Tuesday, December 27, 2011

P Day 8

 Hello tout le monde!   it is interesting to think that the next time I send you an email will be from Europe!  i am so incredibly excited!  I honestly do not know what to say.  i got to write you Sunday, and nothing has really happened since then.  This keyboard is a little retarted, so there will probably be a lot of spelling errors.  hey mother and father?  Could you please send me back my sd card, so I can send you my latest pictures?  there are not that many, but I made another quick video thing. 
    We have new teachers, because F. howarth and S. Carson left for home, and they won't return until we leave.  Now we have F. Luke, and F. Blosil.  They are both really cool, but I do kind of miss our teachers. 
    Elder Tulley says hi, he is about 5'9 weigh 190 and loves to work out.  I really can't think of anything else to say...  how are things going at home?  things here are really just the same old same old.
    OH, thak you so much for all the wonderful gifts Mom, Dad, JJ, and Bruce and Robin!  That was really nice, and you guys got me too much.  that boomerang thing is just about the coolest thing on the face fo the earth!  I continue to lose weight, but I think I am not going to tell you how much from now on, because i want you to be surprized when I come home looking like a babe, I have not been this slim since Football.  Everyone here says I look like a bigger Ryan Reynolds... I guess that is a pretty good compliment. 
    Today, is our last P-day here at the MTC, and the temple is closed, so We literally have nothing to do until 2:45 when we have laundry.  So we all cleaned our room really well, and organized our stuff... I went to the seamstress today, and they are taking in one of my shirts for 50 cents, but they said it is a pretty major alteration, and they said I should probably just get some new shirts.  So new shirts would be cool, or maybe a little bit of fundage for new european shirts would be even better.  also ( I hate asking for so much stuff)  i have been told that backpacks are not allowed in my mission.  They make you look too much like tourists, and they are easy to steal from.  So i am going to need a man-purse.  I can get one in Europe also, but just making you aware... if you wanted to do anything.

    Did you get my package?  Don't worry mother, I have more than enought stuff that I need, and yes i still have my Robe, it is really amazing.  I probably could send home more stuff, but whatever.  Also some words of wisdom i got from my teachers are that almost every apartment in the mission has about ten pairs of sheets, and beaucoup de hangers, and pleanty of towels, thought i think I would like to use my own towels.  i really am enjoying the mission, i am so excited to be in le champ de mission (mission field).  I love you guys so much,and I miss you!  JJ, how many dates have you been on since i left?  I want at least...50 by the time I get back.
    Oh, I had a really weird dream last night that I can tell you about.  Somehow I got permission from the msission prez to have dejurne... lunch with you, so you (mom, dad, and Jj) picked me up and we had a great lunch.  It was about time to go back, but mother said we needed a few things from the grocery store.  So we go and you guys take forever, I knew you were stalling.  Then when we were done, you said we had to go home and put the icecream in the freezer or it would melt.  By the time we got all the groceries in the house, Robin comes over and starts talking to us.  I am really getting upset now, I am about to blow up at you.  i felt so bad because I knew i was going to be in trouble, and I thought they might send me home from my mission.  Finally you decide to take me back, and on the way you give me my cell phone, and all of my friends start calling me.  i wanted to answer, but I knew I couldn't and... ug, just not a good feeling, but then I woke up and realized I was here, and actually really glad, because I really felt like I was going to get sent home ha ha. 
    OK, I love you all.  Je vous aime, J'aime la vie, J'aime l'evangile, et, vous me manque.  Aurevoir, a la prochaine!!!

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