Tuesday, December 20, 2011

P Day 7a

Heellloooo Family, and others.  How is it going?  Me?  Oh, I am good.  Just got back from cleaning the temple.  It is closed until I leave, so it is kind of sad to think that I probably won't go to a temple again until I get back.  Cleaning wasn't bad.  we mostly wiped off the lockers from 8:00 to 11:30.  The place really started to stink of cleaner by the time we were done, but still a nice experience.  I got to see some of the back rooms of the temple I would not have seen otherwise. 
    Hey Bruce, and Robin, if you are reading this,  thank you so much for the package.  I put the ornaments on the tree.  The district loved the jerky.  Also thank you to Susie and Gene for the nice Christmas card. 
   Thank you Mom and Dad for all the letters and whatnot.  When I said real letters, I just meant one in an envelope.  It was nice of you to write me one by hand Dad, but honestly is was pretty difficult to read at times ha ha.  The dear elders are great, but it is just a folded piece of printer paper.  That's all.  Hey so you guys know, I will be sending home my boots, my black suit, and I'll probably throw in some other stuff and some things for you guys.  Don't worry, I have been told I will not need the boots, and the black suit is at the same time too small and too big for me now.  The coat is too short, and the pants dont really fit, plus it has got some stains on it, and I don't want to pay to get it dry cleaned ha ha.  My other suits fit great.  The pants and my belts are way loose.  I weighed myself yesterday, and I have lost a grand total of 19 pounds since I have been here!!!  I'm hoping to loose another 11 by the time I go to France.  Very possible, just need to stay diligent. 

    Peter!  It was cool to get a letter from you.  I don't have your letter on me right now, but I'll see if I can write a little more latter to specifically answer your questions...  So yeah, I'll talk about that latter when I have your letter in front of me.  By the Way, I met a guy here that is learning Spanish and says he is really good friends with you.  I am blanking on the name, but he said you grew up together before you moved to Peppah Hood.
    As far as what is going on here... It is pretty much the same old.  Like I said, I cleaned the temple today.  I have still been seeing Travis at lunch most days.  I see Elder Hawks every couple days too, and Elder Chase Reavely.  One of the guys who sold me my suit is here.  His name is Elder Wood.  I was surprized he recognized me, because it took me a while to remember who he was.  Anyway, he was nice and I've seen him a couple times as well.  I hate the word nice, there is no real meaning behind it... I am going to stop using it.  Frere Howarth left today to be in Luxembourg (however you spell that) with his family for Christmas.  It's sad because I really loved having him as a teacher.  I could honestly go on and on about how much he has motivated and inspired me to not just serve a mission, but be a missionary.  Unfortunatley that little clock keeps ticking up in the corner.
   Some cool stuff that is happening this week:  Elder Graham and I are hosting tomorrow.  That means we greet the new missionaries and take them where they need to be.  Remember back to when I was just a youngin' and all the missionaries waved and took my bags... I'll be doing that.  What else?... I get my Travel plans on Friday, that is pretty intense.  I don't know if I have told you this already... for some reason I think I have, but I want to say it again because I am way excited.  Apparently since I am one of 3 other missionaries that have a Swiss Visa, I have been told by the teachers here, that it is likely I'll spend my first year is Switzerland!!!  How cool is that?  I am excited.  Oh, something else less cool, but is still interesting is I not only get to host, but Elder Graham and I have been asked to teach an "investigator"  in front of all the l\l00l35!!! (newbies).  Lots of service opportunities this week.  I think it is going to fly by.  It has been already.
   OK, I'll answer the other questions you (mom and dad) asked when I'm doing my laundry and have my letters in front of me.  I am going to go run and get lunch, get my hair cut, and then start the laundry, so probably around 1:15 you'll get the other email... unless you check your email after all this.  Something real quick which I learned... you can actually go over 30 minutes on this, so Mom, and Dad, and JJ, If you get this email before 1:15, shoot me a quick response, and it will be like we are actually talking!!! Ha ha, and also I was wondering if you were going to send a pay-per-day cell phone to me to use in the airport.  Other missionaries have gotten them, and I promise I won't use it before or after I am acutally in the air port.
    Love you all soo much, the church is true.  This is a marvelous work, I wouldn't want to be anywere else... well, maybe in Europe, but that will come soon enough!  See you in a bit!

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