Tuesday, December 20, 2011

P Day 7b

Ok, I am back.  Doing my laundry right now... well waiting for a washer to open up because a quarter of the machines are broken down.  I picked you (dad, mom, and jj) up some Christmas presents.  The store here doesn't have much to offer, but I did my best.  I'll send those along with my other stuff I'm sending home.
    Peter:  I am doing wonderfully, this is really an amazing experience!  I am pretty done with the MTC, but definitley not with the Mission! I cannot wait to get out there and start preaching the good word.  (am I feeling ready to leave?)  YES!!! I am grateful for these next two weeks to really get as good as I can in the language, but I am excited for Jan 2nd.  That's great finals are over...doesn't it feel good?.  (what is the first day like?)  Well it is probably different for me, but I felt like I was in a dream state the whole time, I didn't really comprehend what was going on.  Just be ready to start teaching the day you get there, because you will.  Another thing that you'll love to hear is you will start teaching people in spanish only day 2 or 3...be ready for that, but it is definitley do-able.  I would say to you the same thing Braiden Winegar said to me:  Study chaper three of preach my gospel as much as you can, and just rely on the spirit.  I have come to find very quickly that what they ask you to do on a mission is quite impossible.  However, through relying on the spirit, somehow you manage to do it.  My favorite part of the MTC is meeting people from all over the world, but more than that I love that you have absolutley no worries except working on your relationship with Christ.  Now if I read that before I came here, I would have thought that htat was a really cheesey answer, but nevertheless, it is true!  I am excited for you Peter, and I know you'll do well.
    OK, Dad, congrats on your new call!  My address for where you write me in the field should be in that blue book I got with my call.  Then I'll tell you my specific address when I get there.  Also I'll have more around an hour, so you could email, and that would be fine.  I got a letter from Peter today...yesterday, but none from Kevin or Jeff yet, but I would really love to hear from them. Tell them that next time you see them ha ha.  Well I love you all very much.  I need to go now.  PEACE.  Aurevoir!

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