Tuesday, December 13, 2011

P Day 6b

Ok, I am back.  The really cool thing that was supposed to happen wasn't as cool as I would have hoped, but it was still neat.  A couple Frenchmen (M. Roux [Head of the board of Education in France] and M. Doution [ambassador of education in Washington DC]) came to visit to see how we learned French so fast.  There was also a couple MTC head honchos and Elder Hinkley of the 70.  It felt a lot like that MASH episode when Gen. McArthur visits the 4077.  Everyone was a little tense, we prettied up the room, we thought it was weird that we had to take down all our pictures of our family and Christmas decorations, because then it  wouldn't be a real presentation right?  Then They just ran in saw us for less than 10 minutes and left.  I understood all of their French though, that made me feel good.  They didn't say a whole lot, but still.  They both said they were born in Lyon.
    I do not have a lot of time left.  What to say?  I have found that around week 5 everybody starts to go a little bit insane.  Elder Tulley is on the computer next to me in a onesie (we are in the laundry room).  Elder Jackson will take study breaks by listening to Hope of Israle on LDS.org and stare up at the ceiling.  I thought that it is a shame that the English language has done away with it's formal and informal 'you's', so I have taken it upon myself to bring it back.  Like in French you have Tu and Vous.  I refer to my district by thee and thou, when I remember.  It is all in good fun though, I don't think any of us have any real chemical imbalances in our heads.
   Well I hope thou art having a good day... no I would say you are because I am reffering to multiple people.  whatever, miss you guys, think about you a lot.  Bruce and Robin, you are in my prayers.  I am out of time, love ya bye!

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