Tuesday, December 6, 2011

P Day 5

Hey Mom, Dad, and JJ!  So like the description says I am halfway through my lovely stay here at the empty sea.  (read it out loud and you'll get it ... I hope).  No I really have enjoyed, and I am enjoying my time here, and I have a lot still to learn here, but I am so excited to go to France.  I actually have 28 days left, but who is counting?  Ha ha.  Thank you for the dear elders and all that.  Yes, i do believe that I am getting all of them, but they st?ill have ? the r?andom question marks throughout them... I don't know, it is weird.  Speaking of how much I have to learn, I found out that both my teachers, Frere howarth and Soeur Carson are going to be leaving in two weeks for winter break.  It is really lame because for the last two weeks we get stuck with the "leftovers" who have recieved the stigma of not being very good.  Frere Howarth has promised us that it will be hard work, but he will teach us every thing that is essential to know in the next two weeks.  We are really hitting hard on studying French as well.  Now we only speak en Francais tout jour chaque jour (all day every day).  I have gotten so much better, it is really extraordinary to see the gift of tounges kicking in. In fact right now it feels strange writing in English because I am thinking in French... well no not in French, but I am thinking how I would say this in French.  There are a few occasions where we are allowed to speak English, like in the temple, and during meetings where speaking French would be rude, etc.
    O real quick, before I forget.  I was telling the elders about our family, and when Larry came up they were very interested to see his hair.  I don't know if we have a picture of him lying around that you could send... maybe you could take one of him when he comes to visit.  That is too bad his ex... something took the house.  OR did he give it to her? 
    Something else is cool, it that one of our "investigators"  (no it is not real)  is progressing way faster than I expected.  We taught her about the law of chastity the other day.  I was really worried about her not responding well because she lives with her boyfriend... well "lives with her boyfriend".  The lesson went well, and she said she would talk to him about it.  The next time when we showed up, she said she was moving to a friend's place until she could find her own apartment, that we could help her move on Friday, and that she felt confident and good about her decision.  AHH it was such a cool experience, and it wasn't even real!  That is another reason why I can't wait to get to France and teach real people and help the spirit and the gospel make that much of a difference in real people's lives. 
    Mother, I have thought more about what I want for Christmas ha ha.  Like I said before I really have everything I need, but It would be cool if you could send me acouple of the blank journals I have on the top shelf of the white desk in my older room.  Also I need a box to send stuff home, Oh! and beef Jerkey, because the jerky they have here isn't great (peppered is my faveorite by the way).  I'm thinking too worldy now ha ha, so I think that will do:  The blank journals I already have, a box, and beef jerky... oh and a picture of Larry.  My district says to send more duct tape as well because it is very rare here like gold, but you don't have to.  Also my district says thank you so much for the christmas decorations they really love them.
    That letter that I was writing you is finally back in my possession.  I'll send it right after I send this email, so you will get it hopefully the end of this week.  I put one of my camera's memory cards in there with all the pictures I have taken here.  There aren't a whole lot, but they might be fun to look at.  Another fun idea, is you could post a few on the blog!  I am not saying you have to do that because I know you are busy, but I thought it could be a fun idea.  When you get the pictures the dirty blond elder who has several akwardly close-up pictures is my companion Elder Graham.  Elder Kastendick and McMurrin are the two shorter elders with black and blonde hair respectively.  Elder Jackson is the tallish blond elder who is making weird faces in most of his pictures, and Elder Tulley is the native.  In one of the pictures there are two Sisters sitting at desks, they are Soeurs Cooper and Gutierez.  All the others are just other elders and sisters in my zone. 
    Je sais que mon sauver et redempture vivant.  Je ne'croie pas que je comprende sa commpletment, mais Je sais que par l'expiation de Jesus-Christ, nous pouvons ganier la vie etternalle.  Je vous aime.  Vous m'manque.  Je nepeux pa attendre a aller a la France.  Je voix comment l'evangile a benir les vie des autres.
   I love you guys, I am out of time. ttyl, pet monte and max for me.
Votre fils, frere, et ami
Elder Crossman

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