Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10-15-12 Avignon 16

Hi everyone, I actually have a question for you first maman, What is face reading?
Now answers:

  Still beeing a good dog with the guitar, I've learned silent night a cool classical version (we really just took the hymn book version and learned how to play it on guitar) Getting ready for Christmas carnivale fun!

For the sink, Nothing has been done at the moment… I understand the office is really busy and it is hard to find a good place to live even if you had the time to look at it.  It is still being held up by cardboard, our bathroom floor is breaking and warped, ,and the mold I think is gaining a mind of its own ha ha.  It really isn’t terrible though, although, the cockroaches are back, and that is where I draw the line.

Yes they have halloween here.  It used to be a lot different from how we celebrated it in the states, but it has been well americanized now. I think there are more just costume parties than trick-or-treating.

One new ami !  His name is Stéphan, he is a practicing catholic, and he is really quite a miracle.  Elder Arrington and I went out praying to find someone interested in the restoration.  We went to Villeneuve and walked for quite a long time.  Then we felt good about this one road, and the third door we knocked on was him.  We were able to teach a quick restoration lesson and give him a book of mormon.  We were not able to fix another rdv, but he did say Au plaisir, which leaves room to come back and say hi and all that.  Hopefully things go well with him. Really nice guy.

I am thin, I am looking good, but last week I didn’t really eat well. We went to McDonald’s for lunch today (i know mother I am sorry !) It was way good though.  The MacDo (as they call it here) is really classy… and really expensive.  It comes out to around 8-9 dollars for a large bigmac meal (that is the cheapest thing on the menu) .  I don’t think I’ll have anything like that for a while, there is much better food to eat here anyway.

Lessons in the presence are a lesson with an ami de l’église with a member there to testify.  It is generally wanted that you have a member at all the rdvs you can so that they know the amis when they come to church, to welcome the amis, to show the amis that not all the members are weird like the missionaries, etc…  It is hard here though, because there are two active families in Avignon, and they both work during the day.  So that is what president said he doesn’t really care
about.  We no longer do « discussions » that’s what they called lessons back in the day of memorized stuff (which I find funny because the word discussion seems to imply a dialogue… oh well)

That’s cool Bryce is home, Tell him I say hello ! Where did he serve his mission ?  Texas ?  No… I have no idea.

Oh, and yes dad, you did a great job of translating my french.
Cet-à-dire que je devrais ecrire les chose plus difficiles !

I also heard from the Aix elders (Elder Tulley and Kunsler) that the Duffins dropped by.  It would have been fun to have seen them, but I am glad to hear that the Other elders are saying good things about me ha h… Not that there would be any reason for them not to… (there really is no reason, I am just joking =)

On Tuesday we went to Sorgue again to see the Delplanches.  They are a fun couple that got baptised about six months ago… more like seven or eight now.  English class went well.  We started talking about the D&C’s with Quansah and got him all nice and confused.  I think he understood things by the end, but may be it is a sign to stick with the first principles and ordonnances for a little longer.  He is still doing amazing, he has such a strong faith.  I love seeing him after English class to hear what his miracle was for the week.  The Spirit like has conversations with this guy, (not really, but he does have
lots of promptings like change the radio station randomly to hear something about the church on a station he never listens to)  He is great.  I want to send you guys a picture of him and of avignon, but I couldn’t find an adaptor to put my SD card into the USB port, So… package ?

Also my camera has gotten into the bad habit of draining my batteries (the last pair of batteries lasted about four days…)  So I wonder what’s up with that.  Yeah…
Then we had district meeting on Thursday which was fun, nothing crazy or new this time.
Sunday we had a lunch n’ lesson with the Guillon family.  The lunch was CRAZY good, best thing I have had on my mission (I have the recepie, so I’ll make it for you guys some day)  Like a fruit salad with shrimp, apples, mango, peach, red onion, ginger, and some other stuff.  Really simple to make too.

Also something fun, A journalist in Bolène wants to do an article about us.  The church publicity people have been calling us all week telling us what we can say and what we shouldn’t ha ha.  We will be interviewed this Friday, so I am basically going to be famous in a local paper that goes around all of Provence… not too shabby ha ha.
It is cool, everyone suddenly seems to know that we are mormon, before they would guess Jehova’s witness or Seventh day evangelists before mormon, but recently they have been getting it on the first guess.

Well I think I will close things here for now.  Thank you so much for your emails, I really enjoy getting them.  J’ai eu un rêve que nous étions (papa, maman, JJ, et moi) à Euro Disney.  Pour n’importe quel raison, j’avais du mal à comprendre les gens.  Je ne pouvais non plus m’exprimer, alors que papa était complètement courrant en français.
J’admets, j’étais un peu jalou, mais bon.  Je vous aime en touts cas, même si papa est plus fort que moi dans le français après mes deuxans.  Au revoir !

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