Sunday, November 11, 2012

St Etienne 1

Ok, so just because I don't feel like keeping it a secret.  I got transferred to St-Etienne!  It is really close to Lyon and reminds me a lot of Lyon actually.  My new colleague is Elder Brady, he is on his third transfer, He is from all over the states, but Oregon was where he was living when he left.

The interview went really well I thought.  Bollène is small small, but really cute.  The reporter asked a lot about Mitt Romney, all I really said was he was practicing Mormon and he is a candidate for the presidency, and also more people know us missionaries as Mormons because of him. Nothing too interesting.

Yes I have my robe, but I think I am going to burn it ... we'll see
There are a few big stores here.  No Wall-mart, but their version is Carrefour, it is basically the same, only more expensive, but not ridiculous.  

Macdo tasted exactly the same as it does in the states, only they have a few different things on the menu (like the mc Baguette lol)  Really it isn't worth it because there is so much better fresh food you can get for the same price.

Soccer is the most popular sport here, I actually might watch a couple matches when I get home.  Another sport they really like is boules, or Bachi ball in English. It is like horseshoes but with balls, and all the old people play it all the time.

I wasn't able to talk to Stephan again, but this last week at Avignon was a week of miracles!  We had a lesson with an ami (laticia) her son and her Uncle in law were there, and they are both interested to know more!  Then the next day these three guys working at a pizza place stopped us and said they saw us all the time and wondered what we were doing.  They all wanted to know more and we are teaching them!  THen Dider (one of our other amis), is introducing us to his secratary who wants to come to church and know more, then the elders in Aix contacted a family and another person who all live in Avignon and wanted to be taught.  So lots and lots of good things are happening in Avignon.  Really it was like Super awesome cool week!  

Sorry, since it is a new transfer, I don't have my old planner and I can't give you a day-by day.  That was really all the interesting things that happened anyway.  Really outside of the miracles, daily life is very repetitive as a missionary.  I am loving it thought and I am really excited to be here in St Etienne.  They have about five people preparing for baptisms in the next few weeks, so it looks like all I have to do is not mess things up.  They also have an ami who only speaks Armenian and Russian, so I'll get to use my Russian skills, which are non-existant.  

Elder Arrington is going to be companions with Elder Adams, the same missionary who I replaced at Avignon, so he is going back there.  That was interesting, President Roney sure knows how to throw us curve balls, I have not had a transfer pass without at least a little bit of surprising news since he... came into power?  

Also, the apartment here is awesome!  it is a little smaller than my room and the game room area, but our bedroom is actually in a different room than the kitchen, and we even have another room for our desks.  It is a good thing we don't have a dryer or that would be just too much, i am so spoiled.  

St-Etienne is really neat, lots of hills, so I'll probably go back to loosing weight at a good rate because we walk a lot here.  It is also pretty chilly.  During the day we can wear just our shirts, but in the mornings and evenings you need a jacket.  

I am excited to get to work and to really be un instrument entre les mains de dieu.  Je vous aime!  Ciao, see you next week stay safe!

P.S. for Christmas, or just a package... the beef jerky and gum is starting to be missed, my camera seems to be back to normal for the moment, but the adapter would be nice.Also good American Salsa, but other than that I don't really need anything.  Love you lots!

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