Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10-1-12 Avignon 14

Lame, ok, I am doing a copy paste word document because the internet here is really shoddy
Do you know the Mcknight’s?  They came to our branch yesterday, apparently they were in the 13th ward with us.
Also are the Cole’s new to the ward?  They wrote me a letter recently.
Answers:  The women’s conf will be shown here this Saturday
Yes I have my coat and robe My hippie bag looks alright still, the missionary life is wearing it down though.  I sewed the little desk French flag on the front of it.
I think the French get a kick out of it.  It is kinda strange, the
only places you see French flags here are outside of government buildings;  There isn’t a lot of country pride.
I am a good dog with the guitar, I am learning the Christmas songs now for caroling this Christmas!
The new appartement situation is progressing slowly, they are still looking though.
General conf will be this Sunday;  We watch the Pristhood meeting Sunday morning, then Saturday day session, followed by the Sunday morning session.  We have to wait for the printed version to see the Sunday afternoon one.  Or we could watch it online on P-day.  Maybe Elder Arrington and I will be able to see it in English in the office of the church building.  If not, it looks like we’ll just have to watch it in French, which I can understand, but I just like it better
in English, and that would be better for E;  Arrington as well.
Money Monday, After emails, we practiced guitar, cleaned the
appartement, and then saw Prince, he was really cool, though he was sick so we didn’t really teach him too much, but got into to the Plan du salut, er the … what is it in English?  Plan of salvation that’s it.
Taco Tuesday:Went to Montfavet, nothing much going on there.  Then had a ward mission council meeting thing that I don’t know the name of in English with Sylvain.  It was really cool, he wants to do some big things as DMB… ward mission leader (dirigeant de mission de branch).
Then we ran away from some muslim kids who were yelling at us. Nothing serious, and we didn’t really have to run away, they were just being rude.  We also made scrumptious tacos for dinner!
Windy Wednesday:  Saw Dawn and helped her put a cone thing on one of her cats.  That was fun.  She is going to England this week, that will be good for here to get away and actually be able to sleep at night and not fret about her cats.  Then we taught English class, then Quansah afterwards;  He is still awesome just so you know.
Thonner thursday:  Had a raté-vous, and then two more raté vous, and did lots of porte a porte.
Wunderbar Vendredi:  Weekly planning! Then we made a huge list of old amis that we though had some potential, and started contacting them, no luck so far;  Went to Les angles for a change of scenery.  Talked to lots of nice people, but no one really interested.
Super Saturday:  Had an amazing Lunch at Frère lascols’s house. Tomato salad, some cheese and nut salad, green salad, quiche, potatoes, and chicken.  Also a raspberry cake to finish it off and a plate of various cheeses to remind us that we are in France.  I loved it!  Then we worked in Centre ville, and talked to Prince again, he didn’t have a lot of time, so it was very brief, but I do love those African people, they are so chill.
Sabbath Sunday:  had church.  We did fast Sunday for general conference next week.  I had to be a translator for the McKnights, that was fun.  Sister McKnight actually got up to bear her testimony, so I went with her to translate it for the branch.  It was a lot of fun, I doubt I would like to be a real translater though, that stuff hurts your brain doing it for multiple hours ha ha.  Then we went out looking for miracles and didn’t find anything… until I called someone that me and Elder Call talked to who said she would like to meet us
sometime at the end of the week, score!

Ok, love y’all guys.  This one isn’t as long as the last one, but the internet freaked out and deleted it about a quarter of the way through… sigh, I have learned my lesson though, and only use Microsoft word for writing.
Oh, we saw our JW friend again this morning.  He was really nice, and we had a great discussion on the plan of Salvation.  He gave us the jevhova witness point of view, but he let us talk and explain, and it went really well.  I think he is trying to convert us, which is a little interesting. It is fun though.  He really knows his bible, luckily the lord reminds me of stuff I have studied to share with him to support our point of view.
En tout cas, je vous aime tous!  Je sais que nous avons raison, etc’est vraiment notre église qui est dirigé par Jésus-Christ.  J’aime ma mission et tous les gens que j’avais rencontré ici.  You forgot to tell me if you translate what i say in French.  Love you all verymuch;  Have a good week.
Bonne semaine!

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