Hello everyone,  So let’s get right to the questions :
Yeah I am still loosing weight, slowly but surely.
We have three nice heaters in our apartement, but it is still too hot to use them, I usually don’t sleep with the covers on still. It is cooling down though, and feels quite nice.
I wouldn’t say it is fall quite yet, there aren’t a lot of changes
except it gets dark around 8 o’clock now.  But with the cooler
weather, it is much nicer to be outside.  Avignon and provence is really an incredible part of the world, I can’t wait to show you guys!
Quansah’s kids are still great, I think the mother is actually French because Quansah is dark black and his kids are not so dark, she lives about an hour away.  He only has the kids every other weekend.
Yes Zone conference is in Aix.
Genevieve (the ami with mental problems) disappeared, we have been considering passing by her house, but it is difficult to find a member who can come with us because many of them live far away. OK, here is how General conference goes down:  The times are fixed here, all the members have to do is plug the projector in and then plug in to the satellite and it is ready to go, no recording or anything else on our part.  Saturday evening was the relief society thing followed by Saturday morning session (starting at 6 o’clock
france time)  Elder Arrington and I watched that in French and we were actually a little late, so I didn’t hear about the age change for missionaries until I talked with the members after, that was cool to hear about though, Elder Arrington has a couple friends who are going in a few weeks now instead of a few months.
Sunday Morning at 11 we watch priesthood (I saw this and all the rest in English because the branch president was really nice and set it up for us in another room).  Then Saturday evening session starts at 2 oclock.  After Sunday morning session starts at 6 o’clock, and we just have to wait for the liahona to come out to see Sunday afternoon session.  I guess we could watch it at the internet place, but that
would cost a pretty penny. We had a good 20ish members there which was more than I thought, because most members watch it at home on the internet.  IT was cool to
see all the people there.  In between Priesthood and the Saturday afternoon session Elder Arrington and I brought lunch, as well as the other members there, it was like a pick-up picnic, fun fun fun!
I thought all of the talks which I heard were wonderful.  I really liked Elder Anderson’s “ask the missionaries” talk, really funny.
This week wasn’t too eventful, Zone conference which was really good as usual, it was interview zone conference (meaning every three transfers, the mission president just has a quick interview to see how things are going)  I mentioned that the branch isn’t unhelpful when it
comes to missionary work, it is just hard when the closest member who could help us is a half hour drive away.  He told me that he doesn’t really care about us getting lessons in the presence as long as we are keeping the rules.  I really love president Roney, he is like a funny Yoda of wisdom.  He really makes everyone he talks to feel like they are loved and special. Unfortunatley, Elder Arrington and I must have eaten something funny, and we were both out for a couple days.  Probably the worst food poisoning I have had, but it went by fast and we were able to get out by Friday.  We did lots of service for a couple member families, and had a lesson with our jehova’s witness friend Fabien!  Over all, aside from getting sick, this was a really good week.  It seemed to only
last a couple days though… really the time just goes by too fast. Sorry I don’t have a day-to-day, I hope this is a good email.  I am doing well and I am happy, Elder Arrington and I get along really well, he Is really funny and has taught me lots of new vocabulary like MAKING BIG PLAYS.  That’s what we say when we have a good contact or lesson or something cool.
J’espère que tout va bien chez-vous, que vous êtes dans la bonne santé et tout ça.  J’aime bien la langue française, maintenant j’essaye de faire tout en français, y compris mon journal personal.
Have a wonderful week, stay strong.  Conference weekend is really like Christmas here, and the best thing is it comes twice a year!  I love the gospel and the chance I have to be a missionary.  As far as numbers go, There haven’t been huge changes yet (there was only one baptism this week), but I have noticed a difference in the way I am working.  I feel better and really have the spirit with me all the time when I do what I am told to ha ha.
Encore, je vous aime.  JJ, as-tu une petite copine déjà?  Ton horloge approche sa fin, si tu ne t’es pas marié avant moi, je vais te donner un coup de poignet !  Au revoir tout le monde !