Monday, July 23, 2012

Avignon 5 July 23rd

Hello everyone!  So real quick to the questions!

    Zone conferences are usually mostly in French, but there are parts
in English as well.  SO both... really depending on how the person

    The Roneys have two little boys with them (10 and 12 years old I
think) one who just got back from a mission going to BYU, and a son
and a daughter on a missoion... I think.  At least a daughter.

    Yeah with the weight loss I can do a lot more things without
getting tired.  I have still stayed at the same weight, but my waist
size has gone down.  I have been doing lots of weight lifting, so I
hope it is starting to build muscle.

    My shoes are doing fine.  Starting to crack a little at the ball
of the foot, but still good.  The destroyed shooes were Elder Bell's
old pair.

    I loved the Bday package!  Thank you so much, and it is Ok that
you didn't find all the cat shirts, you sent the best one.  Guess
what, that shirt is pretty big on my now ha ha.  I loved the cat card
the most.  It took me a long time to figure out what the green and
pink things were saying.  Make sure to pass the thank you to Bruce and
Robin as well for their card! also they sent me a check... can you
cash those in other countries? There are no Wellsfargos here.

    President and Soeur Roney already had everyone's names memorised
when we first saw them, and yes, they did mention that they knew
president Hunt.

    I study in French, outside the apartement we speak french (except
P-day), I write in my journal in French a lot, some of it every day,
and I dream in French, I already have trouble talking to people who
speak english because even among other missionaries, we speak
Franglais.  It is interesting, but I still remember english pretty
well =)

    I'll tell you what I did for my birthday in the daily section.

    We do interviews for zone conference usually every other or every
third zone conference, so next time we won't have them.  Usually they
only last about 5 minutes an interview because there are a lot of

    I titled the email that because they call the wind here "le
mistrale" in english, the title is "the mistrale is angry at us".  For
some reason, the wind from the Rhône and the wind from the mountains
mix here, and it gets really windy some times.  This whole weekend was
constant strong wind, crazy!  All the flyers for the plays that were
put up everywhere are now scattered par tout!  The centre ville is a
mess, but there wasn't any damage or anything.

Monday:  Elder Hamilton's birthday! I bought a shirt, and then we saw
the fun street performances the rest of the day.  (today monday we are
going to a big shopping district to get some suit pants for real.)

Teusday:  We saw Mme Didier, a french woman contacted by the
missionaries a couple months ago who said we  could come over.  She is
some yoga instructor who worships "l'âme" some bhuddist cult thing.
Anyway, she talked again about how love is everything and all the
churches are right and all lead to God, we left her 2nephi 32 to read
which says how you have to be baptised and recieve the holy ghost to
be saved... we'll see what she thinks about that probably this week.
After we saw Sylvan the cool member guy for an FHE, and  then Elsy a
new ami from cameroone I believe, she was fine, we have tried to
contact her since, but no luck... we'll see on that too.

Wednesday:  We worked in Villeneuve then taught Fr, Jeunehomme a less
active member about forgiveness, taught English class (we are getting
7 or 8 people every week now, that is a lot better than what it used
to be... 0) Then we taught Quansah tithing and fasting, he was totally
Ok with it, he is so freaking cool!

Thursday:  District meeting.  it was fine, it was about finding people
again, how to serve, endear, and teach people in about 15 seconds.
Then Elder Hamilton and I went to Vitrolles with the elders there for
an exchange.  I got to be in the companionship with the car, and I
hate it, I feel like I waste so much time driving around.  We had a
good lesson with some friends of a member.  I also got a call from
President Roney reminding me that it was my birthday.  he said, "what
are you doing to celebrate?  Tracting?"  he is so funny.  The Aix
elders made me cookies at district meeting.

Friday:  We spent the last night at vitrolles, our train left aroun 1
oclock, so we went to KFC for a real american lunch, also because it
was Elder Hamilton's and my birthday week.  European KFC is pretty
good, I would say better quality chicken, but smaller... and it is the
only restaurant in europe that offers free refils!
Back in Avignon, we had a cool miracle with a brazilian guy walking
out of his apartement, actually it wasn't even where he lived, and he
told us that the night before he was praying for help and guidance
from God.  We took his number and will see him ... maybe tomorrow, His
name is Marcos.  Another Brazilian girl was walking into her
appartement and told us  in very broken French that her brother was
about to go on a mission, and that we should come back another time.

Saturday:  Went to Vedène to work, saw Didier, who is basically a
member who keeps all the commanaments and knows it is all true, but
isn't baptised because he lives with his girlfriend although they say
they keep the law of chastity, he just isn't humble enought to move
out yet. they would be married, but there is a personal problem that
will hopefully resolve soon.

Sunday:  Taught Quansah chastity, and now he knows all he needs to to
get baptised!  6more days!  Then we passed that brazilian girl we met
a couple days ago.  She and three brazilian friends  were their,
invited us in, and fed us dinner!  They are so nice, but it was a
little intimidating at first because all of them are in the foreign
legion, so they are all huge and buff, but like I said, they are
really cool.  We talked about a lot of things, which eventually led to
the book of Mormon, they gladly accepted a copy and said, "any time
you want to come back, it will be a pleasure to have you!"  I love
brazilians!  They fed us rice and meatballs with sauté green beans and
other veggies.  You would have loved it Dad!

That's all I really have time to write!  Je vous aime tous!  Soyez
fidèle dans la foi!  Dieu vie! J'espère que tout se passe bien là-bas,
et que monte a eu un bon anniversaire!  Rappelez-lui que je le
donnerai un beef-tech quand je rentre.  Que Dieu vou benisse!  Ciao!

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