Thursday, August 9, 2012

Avignon 6

Yo everyone!  hurry on to the questions:
    Yes a transfer is 6 weeks  Vedène really feels like a suburb, because it is mostly all houses, but every other village I have been to is it's own thing.  It is cool because every ville no matter how small it is has its own little downtown center, and such.  Villeneuve is probably 5 thousand people, but it is quite different than avignon which is just across the river.
    OK, here are the places I have been that I remember since the beginning of my mission
Geneva, Lyon, Pierre d'Or, Aix-en-Provence, Salon-en-Provence, Vitrolles, Martigue, Gap, St. Cannan, Avignon, Les Angles, Villeneuve, Vedène, Le Pontet, Orange, Le Thor, Mont Favet, Sourge, Livron  ... That's all I got for now.
    We take a bus to villeneuve and Vedène.  Vedene is the farthest out the busses go from here..; pretty much, for the rest we take the train.
    Vitrolles Elders have a car because their area is huge and very spread out, and Vitrolles itself isn't a big ville like Avignon or Aix etc.
    Yes district meeting is in Aix, we take the TGV train that goes about 300km/hr (230ish mph) and it takes us Twenty minutes.  The area we work in in Avignon goes as far north as Orange, and as south as Arles, so it is really big.
    It has not rained (at least not during the day) since I have been in Avignon.
    I did not get a suit, but I did get two pairs of slacks.  Both black, one is nylon poliester, and very good looking, the other is Linen and pretty shiny I look hot in both of them.
    I think it would be best if Bruce and Robin give you a check, and I rip up the one I have. Tell them thank you very much from me, and that I love them!
    So I am still in Avignon, if you couldn't have guessed.  However something did happen that is exciting, Elder Hamilton got moved to Fribourg in Switzerland, and I am finishing training Elder Call!  This makes his second transfer in the field.  It is crazy that I am already senior companion and training, but there are lots of older missionaries finishing, and a lot of new guys coming in.  He rolled into Avignon this morning around 10 oclock.  We'll have fun Trying to figure out what to do together ha ha.  He comes from some small town in Nevada in between Vegas and St George.  he is really nice, and does everything I tell him, so he's a good blue ha ha.  Really he is great.
   Well I do not have last week's planner, so I can't tell you really what we did each day, sorry.  However, Saturday Quansah did get baptised, and he asked me to confirm him yesterday.  It was really an amazing experience!  He was so so so prepared, we didn't do anything.  He then bore an awesome testimony after his baptism... yeah he is great.  Elder Hamilton baptised him, he did it on the first try, but he had a little trouble getting him out of the water because he is so big.  I'll try to send some pictures soon! 
   Another cool bit of news is because this is Elder Call's second transfer, I will get to go to Lyon for his blue's conference!  I really hope we have a little bit of time where I can visit Julie Loango (remember her?) and Ted the spy.  Berongère would also be fun to see... maybe I'll even understand her now ha ha.  I would like to see bright, but he has moved about an hour outside of Lyon, so I don't think I'll be able to see him.  I am way excited, plus a bunch of Elders from my MTC district will be there as well, and Elder Hamilton because he is finishing training.
   Nothing much else this week.  We went to Gap for exchanges, so we were gone for about half the week.  It is a 2 and a half hour train ride there (we left from Aix after district meeting) and we had a 4 hour train ride back to Avignon directly... lots of fun. We were on a little slow clanky train for those rides.  Gap is very pretty, and it was great to see the mountains again.  They had a baptism last week too.  Fun fun;
I love you all very much.  Thank you for the prayers and packages and everything!  Keep the faith, go to church and the temple.  Are the missionaries still trying to get you to work on the Cherninkos?  Missionary work is unique because it is one of the only things  where the more joy and love you share, the more you have.  The church is true, also in French!  Vive La France!  Pourquoi tu n'es pas heureur pour moi?  Je suis heureur pour toi, car tu es heureur, mais je suis triste, car je sais que ton bonheure ne peut pas durer.  Dans ton nouveau royaume, je ne peux pas être ton père, mais où que tu aille, tu seras toujours mon fils!  ça c'est un citation du film Les Temoignes!  C'est trop bon!

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