Monday, August 13, 2012

Avignon 8

Sigh, so the computer decided to kick me off while I was writing your email, luckily I just started, but ... let's cut to the chase.  Elder Call's parents are also doing some snooping, and reading my blog, so make sure you delete all of the bad stuff I say about him before putting in on the blog.  I am only kidding Mr. and Mrs. Call! 
Elder Call is great and getting better every day, I am lucky to have him!
I don't know if you can bargain at the markets (I haven't shopped at one yet, thought i see them all the time), but things already seem to be really cheap like 2 euro shoes or hats or ties.  pretty cool.  I couldn't tell you about the quality however.

    Quansah is a certified holder of the aaronic priesthood, and normally he will bless the sacrament this coming Sunday!  He is so great!

    No signs of Fall... hot hot hot, and humid, and hot, and really warm at times, but usually hot.

    I sleep really well, and I usually have great dreams too, a few days ago I was in Paris (in my dream) at a café listening to ... Edith Piaf?  I think that is her name... anyway, I guess that means I have really turned into a Frenchman.

    Train rides are still really fun.  I love the train stations,
because it makes me feel like I am in Star Trek, I'll show you what I mean when you guys are here..; if I remember.

    We decide to go to the pontet the same way as we decide to go anywhere, if there are people to pass by, if we just want to get out of Avignon, if an ami lives there etc.

    It depends how long missionaries are blue, for example officially they are no longer blue after their first two transfers of being trained, some say that it is after thier first collegue and first ville, others say it is more... something you just feel.  Elder Call is really really not blue, the only thing is his French which is progressing great.  He already seems like he knows what he is doing. Me for example, I feel fairly blue still and just pretend like I know what I am doing, and somehow things seem to work out.

    LYON!!!!!!!!! It was amazing!  I didn't realise how much I missed it until I was there. Giant city, folies of people everywhere!  It was great.  The conference itself was amazing as well.  Very inspirational, with some good tips and encouragement.  I did not get to see any amis unfortunatley, but I did get to sing in a missionary choir in the middle of Bellcour place, and do some contacting.  It was also great because I could actually understand people this time

    OK, well this week was a little long as well.  We did find a new ami whose name is Gun... yeah gun.  He is really athiest and gave us some athiest book, but he is also really interested in learning about us, so we will see how that goes.  We saw him yesterday, and we are seeing him again Thursday.

    That was our only lesson with an ami however...But we are seeing Casstien (whose name is really Christien, I just missheard it) this week, and 6 or 7 other Rdvs have already been fixed for this week, so it looks like things are starting to pick up which is really really good, and is definitley all because of the Lord.  Also unfortunately that family we found in Carpentras gave us a fake number and a fake
address...  I wish people would just tell us they are not interested instead of lying.  So that was a big dissappointment, but we are still getting a lot of tender mercies and miracles every day.

    Elder Call and I have been working at getting to know the members a lot better, and it is going really well.  I love the members here at Avignon!  They really have such a strong faith and a ... I don't know how to describe it.  Being a member here is a lot different in being a member in the states, or rather Utah, or other heavily Mormon populated areas.  They do a lot of sacrificing already and then us
Americans come in and tell them to do just a little more and they do it!  There are reallly some special people here.

    Well I love you all!  I love getting your emails too just so you know.  I miss you all very much, but don't worry, if the mission just keeps passing quicker and quicker (which I hear it does) I'll be home in maybe a month... or at least it will feel like that.  Keep the faith, go to the temple, can you believe it is only a 5 minute drive away from our house! Then there is another one 15 minutes away, and like four more within an hour of our house.  It takes about 7 hours to get to the temple here, and that isn't the longest distance people travel.  Anyway, yes I have been writing in my journal every day.  I
will send pictures soon, as well as some goodies maybe.  I can't send them over the internet, because it is really slow... K love you bye!

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