Monday, June 11, 2012

Jun 11, 2012

sup y'all?  Buenos dios, mi llammo Elder Crossman y yo soy missionaros de l'eglesia de Jesus Christo

   Ok, questions:  Yes still hot, I am getting used to it though, no aircondtioning, so we sleep with the windows open and the fan on all night and it is not too bad, I have not used my bed sheets the past few weeks ha ha.

   I believe in the first print, there will be either 4000 or 8000 copies, I don't remember which.  They are in a lot of the presses here, and in France there is like a press every 20 yards or so, but don't worry if you do not have any costomers because the government will pay your salarie haha.

    Yes I am back to eating like I should and loosing weight.  (2kilos this past week)

   Last monday, ... I wrote you a physical letter telling you about last monday, it will get there ... soon, I need to just send it first =P

    Tuesday: Streetboarded,   Did a bunch more passbacks and found a new ami named Joseph who is a middle aged white Frenchman!  That makes like ... the fourth French person I have taught on my mission ha ha, the others are Eva and Eva's parents.  He is really cool and fun and all that good stuff, he looks like ...  That guy on ocean's 11 who owns the casinos... no not him, the guy on the movie casino... he always plays gangster rolls...

    Wednesday:  Taught a new ami, the sister of one of the members.  She seemes a little hesitant at first, but then she really opened up by the end and a originally planned 8 minute get to know you rdv turned into a 25ish minute good testimony meeting.  She is also French... #5 Then we taught Clair who is a nice person, but elle son fiche quoi, she doesn't really want to know if it is true, she just likes talking religeon... and she is French... #6

    Thursday:  Day of failure and cancled rendez-vous and lots of contacting yeah!  Pilar our old spanish ami is really sick, she says that the sécurité sociale is coming to help her...  

    Friday:   we had a cool lesson with a guy DURING streetboarding, he said he had time now, so we taught the plan of salvation to him and he was way reflexif, asked good questions, and is really interested.  His name is Nicholas and he has about 18ish years... I wrote that like a french person, he is 18 years old.  He is french too...#7  After we met another new ami SID who is sort of muslim, and is really nice, and says he believes the bible the koran and the book of mormon, but he really doesn't.  It was a decent rdv, he talks a lot.

    Saturday:  Taught Irma and Erika, one of her daughters.  They are doing well, only there is a lot of sickness in thier extended family so we addressed that a bit to try to help them

    Sunday:  Had a conférence de Pieu (stake conference) broadcasted across all of France Italy Belgium, and the Netherlands.  Elder Nelson and Elder Eyring spoke, it was phantabulouse!  Super strong talks on the family and all that good stuff, and also a cool miracle.  When we started, the language was being transmited to us in dutch, so no one could understand it, they worked for a few minutes, then they said that they couldn't do anything.  Frère Masse gave a prayer with the rest of the ward for the transmission to work.  After they turned the thing back on and it was in French!  

    After church we saw the family Ulmann again.  Great Rdv with them.  The littlest boy had some trouble focusing at the end, but he is only 9 and the rdv was kind of long so you can't blame him.  Cynthia, their 18 year-old daughter told us that after our missions, we need to come back and she would "nous montre des bonnes boîtes"  (some good clubs) and we would go party, but in the mean time, she said she would just teach us how to cook... have to watch out for that one...

Today we got up at 5 so we can do some nessisary cleaning and stuff before studies so that after emails and groceries we can have FUN ALL DAY until 6 when it is back to work.  We are going to explore the vielle ville (old town) and take some good pics and stuff, so I will send you the card after today... I fail ath that sorry!

I love you all and glad to hear you are doing well.  Abbey and Paige are graduating?  They are like 10 years old right? So weird.  I'll shoot kevin an email to say hi and all that.  I will know if I stay or if i go this friday!  I really do want to stay, especially since things are starting to pick up again we have so many cool amis and members I can't leave! IM NEVER GOING HOME!  Anyway, this is getting a little weird now. 

je t'aime, j'aime la France, j'aime le seigneur PAIX

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