Saturday, June 30, 2012

Avignon 2

Dear Family,
So Elder Hamilton is the District leader, the one you saw on Skype was Elder Park the Zone leader.  A zone is made up of about four-ish districts and a district is made up of four-ish missionary companionships.

The district leader (what elder hamilton is) does 2 exchanges (splits) with all the other elder equipes in our district (there are four others in our district) so there are a lot of exchanges to do.  It adds up to about one a week, and two one week for the transfer.  I am going to be on a lot of trains this transfer, so that will be fun. Also as DL, he calls the other missionaries every so often, and at least once a week every sunday night to gather the numbers (of lessons taught etc)  He is also in charge of district meeting which takes place every other week, that is mostly just giving assignments to others to give a testimony or explain what they have learned in their studies about whatever topic.

Elder Hamilton has two transfers after this one before he dies (ends his mission) he goes home this october.

The new ward here isn't even a ward, it is a branch.  About 40ish people come every week.  They are really nice though, for the most part.  Usually small branches have a reputation of being really bizarre as in lots of crazy people, but everyone I talked to seemed very normal.

Yes it is still hot, and humid... all the time.  I have basically
gotten used to being sweaty 24/7.  Right when we wake up it is nice because we open the windows and put the fan in the window so it blows the cool air in, but you can't do that for too long because then bugs will fly in.

The appartement is quite large compared to the other ones I have stayed in.  It is only two rooms (bathroom, and everything else room) however, it is more than twice the size of the appartement in Aix.  I mentioned it is a little ghetto though (I think).  It is really old, and has scary moldy cubbards under the kitchen sink.  The sink itself is falling appart, so we need to call about that and get it fixed. The shower is bareable... kinda gross though.  We do have a dryer which is amazing because nothing would dry if we didn't have one.  The kitchen (apart from the sink) is good, old looking, but sanitary enough.  I have not gotten sick from anything yet.

Yes I still have my robe.

I sent the letter last p-day (sorry, I had a hard time getting stamps) so it should be there soon.

Elder Hamilton and I get around by the bus and lots of walking.
Avignon itself is a very pretty city... inside the castle walls.
Inside the castle walls is classic old small French buildings with several really cool old churches, the palais de pape which is breathtaking, and the bridge of Avignon (which is really only half a bridge) which is supposidly famous for some reason.  Outside the walls, are ugly HLMs (big appartement buildings) and other uninspired, square gray buildings.  Everything looks the same and is rather ugly...and Grey.  Then outside the band of ugliness are some pretty neighbourhoods where we do most of our work.  There is also a second castle across the river from where we live... it is small but still really neat.  We do not work inside the walls too much because it is 90% tourists.

Eva's family is a bit of a sad story.  The Magazine the dad made did not do very well, and he was not impressed with the support of the members (or lack thereof)  He has not come to church or talked with the missionaries in two weeks... and because of that, his wife doesn't come to church or talk to us either... lame.  I guess we see that he really didn't have a testimony.. or a strong one.

Avignon, we have very few amis because now it is summer and the entire world is on vacation and avignon isn't a very big city in the first place.  Basically we have done lots of door to door.... lots and lots of it.  We have seen some good miracles though.  God knows when to give us a little bone right about when we have had enough.  We still managed to get 9 lessons last week and one new ami so take that satan!

I am doing good though, and I am happy here.  Elder Hamilton is very easy to get along with, and is a hard worker.  There are still miracles, and I predict that we are going to have a couple baptisms soon because while we do not have many amis, the ones we have are awesome.  one normally should be baptised the 7 of July (his name is Cypren) and the other should be baptised the 28th of July (his name is Dainelle)

I love you all very much.  For my birthday, I want Beef Jerky, pens, my cat shirts that should be in my closet.  (one says bobcat with a saddle, the other is a cat wearing sunglasses, and the third is a white tiger.)  If you have my line of authority that would be great too.  Then I guess, a little bit of money to buy my own french clothes would be the next best thing.. that is all I can think of... Summer Solds is coming up soon, so I can find a French suit for real cheap. That is all I can think of.  I love yall! stay safe!  Til next week.
Tell JJ he needs to have a girlfriend before I get back!

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